Best Songs On 30 Seconds to Mars's This Is War


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1 Hurricane

This is one of 30 seconds to mars song which has brilliant music and lyrics. I am personally addicted to this song. Defiantly the best song by them.

This is the best song of all time

2 This is War

One of the gratest songs of all time and defiantly my favourite 30 seconds to mars song

3 Closer to the Edge

In One Word- AmaZinG..! Deserves to be in the Top 3. The Lyrics are Intense, the Guitar Riff is Amazing. The Song is so Beautiful, I can Never get Bored of it. The Video is too Good to be Missed...!

Love the drum and guitar intro, and the roaring 'NO! NO! NO! NO! ' chorus is just amazing. This is a song that truly is what music is about, and the video for this is really good too, as an added bonus. - ChristianDavid

Its like the song is the feeling I always want..

4 Kings and Queens
5 Night of the Hunter

Just the best. Makes me feel like I'm in the jungle. Very sexy and bloody.

One of the most amazing drumbeat that shanon leto ever played..! Amazing song.. The guitar, the vocals... "" you cuys just rocked. This song must be in top three.!

6 Alibi

I fell apart but got back up again.

It's a song about rising against the odds, against adversity. The way the whole song builds up towards the end makes the message even more powerful.

This song make me feel alive, that's all I have to say.

7 Stranger in a Strange Land

This song is not given enough credit, its different, raw and its everything you wouldn't expect. The melody is powerful, the lyrics are intense... Its an amazing song

8 Vox Populi

I absolutely afore this song. It's not my all time favorite but man is it up there. Th lyrics are so meaingful and I am probably getting a tattoo of he lyrics. Such an amazing song. A must listen

9 100 Suns
10 Search and Destroy

This song is so driven... How didn't it rank higher?

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11 Escape
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Top Remixes

1. Hurricane
2. Closer to the Edge
3. This is War
1. Hurricane
2. Night of the Hunter
3. Kings and Queens
1. Hurricane
2. Kings and Queens
3. Closer to the Edge


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