Best Songs From Deadmau5's 4x4=12


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1 Some Chords

Boss song, literally has song chords and some drop beat!

cool song

2 Raise Your Weapon

I'm sad I never could get the real enjoyment of 4x4=12. I mean I like it, but most of the songs on it I couldn't get. This the best song from the album and one of the best of Deadmau5' discography! But can anyone tell me what the enjoyment of the album is. I really feel I'm missing out! - Slipperyjack40

Easily one of my favourite deadmau5 songs. It's haunting poetry as much as it's a contrast of musical arts. - PositronWildhawk

Ok, I take it back. After continuous listens, this album is so much better. It deserves all the credit it gets. This is still the best song. - Slipperyjack40

3 Right This Second

The 2:30 intro is unmatched in all of music. - ThatOneRacer

The ultimate drop of all electronic.

4 Animal Rights

Any song on this album that has lyrics, I can't get it. I just can't stand Sofi's voice! On this track, it is one of those many instrumentals and don't have to out up with it. Overall, I think this is the stand out track from 4x4.
Very very very good!

This one was without a doubt the best - letdot52

5 A City in Florida
6 Sofi Needs a Ladder
7 Cthulhu Sleeps

How is this bellow Sofi Needs a Ladder and A City in Florida? I expected it to be at least third place. come on guys! It's so much better than 7th place! - Slipperyjack40

8 One Trick Pony
9 Bad Selection
10 Everything Before

I don't care how out of place it is, I love this song so much.. This song introduced me to deadmau5, I remember how amazing it was, the perfect melody. If it were any other song on this list, I may not of fully discovered deadmau5. No other song on 4x4=12 can beat this.

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11 I Said

Don't know why its at the bottom. It isn't the best song on the album but still a very good an enjoyable track. Very underrated. - Slipperyjack40

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1. Some Chords
2. A City in Florida
3. Right This Second
1. Right This Second
2. Some Chords
3. Bad Selection
1. Raise Your Weapon
2. Sofi Needs a Ladder
3. Cthulhu Sleeps

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