Best Songs On 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct

The Top Ten Best Songs On 50 Cent's Before I Self Destruct


This song sounds pretty smooth but badass too. Is like a mix of both!

too I'll for real homie.

My dad's song. xD

Baby by Me

I love this song

Hold Me Down

Better than Baby By Me but not better than Stretch and Psycho this song should be number 3 at least.

The beat is pure water!

So Disrespectful

This song completely describes me. lol


One of the biggest 50 Cent songs of all time. I love this album cause this song.

One of my favorite songs

I understand, it's a classic.

His most underrated

Crime Wave

Beautiful to play Payday 2 while listen it.

The Invitation
Then Days Went By

It's a great song, it should be number #2 at least. One of the best songs in hip hop too.

should get higher than number 7

How this song is not number #1?

One of the best

Death to My Enemies

what a song, I hope this song gets higher with the time!

Last place on the list? Come on.

Do You Think About Me

This song is pretty underrated when is too good.

Awesome song, stills during its brillance today

Great song

The Contenders

Ok, You're Right
Could've Been You

My song, it has the best beat on this album if is not the best song ''Objectively''

Is a good song, that's all.

Strong Enough

My workout routine song.

Yes, it fits.

I Got Swag
Gangsta's Delight
Get It Hot
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