Best Songs On 50 Cent's Curtis

The Top Ten Best Songs On 50 Cent's Curtis

My Gun Go Off

This is an awesome song, probably the best in 2007. Also the greatest on the whole album. 50 Cent really did a very phenomenal job performing this very , very underrated - track

Quite out the other damn songs, this is the only decent one on the whole album.

Most badass East . Coast rap, song of all time. Thank you 50 cent. You are a really good music artist.

Best 50 Cent Song Ever ... No Doubt

Man Down

This song is a lot better. Be it number #1 Such a really Gangsta' track

Man Down is subJectiveLy the DefiniTelY GREATEST 50 CENT Song on Curti's.

A Very good song to vote, no regard.

Better than My Gun Go Off

All of Me

the only song I actually liked off this album.

Follow My Lead

Not boring man I feel is one of the bests

Boring but acceptable

Fully Loaded Clip
I Get Money

This song should be the definitive 1st one of the whole list. No Doubt

How this song is not the damn number 1 off the list? What the heck! Y'all could understand what this song is about and the terms of ''Going to far on his way'' ,This song just represents the hardest way to make money for itself but without lust and pride at all, this song should be number 1

Peep Show

Come on people! This song is awesome! When ya breakin it down' keep brakin it DOWN!

Amusement Park
Curtis 187
I'll Still Kill

I love any 50 Cent song on Curtis yeah, but this one really overpassed al my expectation's limit.

this is a modern classic even if isn't that famous worldwide speaking

This song is one of the pure best songs, why is it low on the list?

Better not touch it but better listen it.

The Contenders

Come & Go
Straight to the Bank
Ayo Technology

Classic song to Technology and psy-auras lol.

6.5/10' (Not bad but could have been better)

Best hip hop song from the 2000's

Greatest one

Movin' on Up
Touch the Sky

simply the greatest

A Very decent song that should be in the Top 8 if u ask me.

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