Best Songs On 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin'

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Patiently Waiting Patiently Waiting Cover Art

I'm patiently waiting to hear this song at my brother's fest celebration.

I love that crazy but genius beat. Hip-Hop is good thanks to songs like this one.

This song is on my mind all days

the Eminem's verse just maded my days.

Don't Push Me Don't Push Me Cover Art

The song is ok but, why do this song has the same sample at the beginnin of Many Men's song?

This is a better track than many men by the riff and climax parts.

A Lot of miles and blocks better than Patiently Waiting which is a song who is tellin' ya' how it's ''Patiently Waiting'' to get buried by DON'T PUSH ME

Don't blame to this but I love this song so much

One of his most _ Greatests!

Wanksta Wanksta Cover Art

This song is pure awesomeness, I love the video. And the verses aren't that good but the song sounds so gangsta' for himself.

The best song (lyrically speaking)

Rap verses 8/10
Instrumental 7/10
Lyrics 7/10


Best 50 cent Hit ever.

High All the Time High All the Time Cover Art
P.I.M.P. P.I.M.P. Cover Art

Congo intro? Ok, but what in the hell do you mean with ''Congo'' ? What ''Congo'' Does mean on this song.

10/10 Good instrumental and powerful lyrical content.

Lyrics 6/10
Instrumental 9/10
Rap Verses 9/10


This is his best song on this album

Many Men (Wish Death) Many Men (Wish Death) Cover Art

One of the songs with the most memorable and incredible beats of all time. I love this song.

This song makes wanna took a flamegun and burn up some dealers.

I never will get tyred of this song.

One of the Best songs ever Made

In da Club In da Club Cover Art

One of the most Gangsta' Rap songs of all time. This song will perdure many years into a big democracy which fights againts the selection or favoritism to took the most obvious song to the top one, this song is easily a destroyer one which can break some necks to easy. One of the best rap songs!

this song for number 1 I think it's the only decent one of the list (Besides of If I Can't)

Yes, the typical Rap song you can find in any club, but is a classic yet.

I'm very prideful to have this song on my personal Spotify's playlist.

Back Down Back Down Cover Art
What Up Gangsta What Up Gangsta Cover Art
Heat Heat Cover Art

The Contenders

Life's on the Line Life's on the Line Cover Art

Great song, at least 7.5/10

Murder murder ya lifes on the line!

Gotta Make It to Heaven Gotta Make It to Heaven Cover Art
U Not Like Me U Not Like Me Cover Art
Blood Hound Blood Hound Cover Art

How this song is not even on the Top 10?
Which kind of disgusting joke is this...?

Poor Lil Rich Poor Lil Rich Cover Art
If I Can't If I Can't Cover Art

This song is for Top 3 material, don't wrong me.

The beat's pretty great in my opinion.

Like My Style Like My Style Cover Art
21 Questions 21 Questions Cover Art
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