Best Songs On 50 Cent's The Massacre

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I'm Supposed to Die Tonight

Hard song to make, but not to rap. Probably the best song on this Album.

I'm Supposed to hear this song tonite'

Gatman and Robbin

Different song to the rest & compared with the rest of songs of ''Get Rich or Die Tryin''

This is the best one lol

This song just reminds me of Robin from Teen Titans lol

Is one of the greatest.

Outta Control

How this one is not 1? I think it deserves. the track it's very unique for himself.

I Don't Need 'Em
In My Hood
Gunz Come Out
My Toy Soldier
Piggy Bank
This is 50
Get in My Car

The Contenders

So Amazing

This song is as the title says_ _ So Amazing

Ski Mask Way
Disco Inferno

Great song, I can't never understand by way this song is so damn underrated back in the good days from the Hip Hop culture!

The women on the video, are just pretty sexy.

The sung's just awesome!

Hate It or Love It

Hate or Love this song, will always be the song that made 50 Cent the genius rapper he is now and before.

Wow a great one as its collaboration with The Game on this album. Just can't believe it. Put this song high please!

Wherever you go, you always gotta' put this disc, and play this song first or 7 years of unluckyness will knock at your door.

Not a 50 Cent song at all but it needs to be on the Top 10 at least is pretty cool to get a low possition.

Ryder Music


Candy Shop

This song is so GANGSTA it needs to be number #5 at least. Pretty great song, and addictive all the time!

I love Some candy shop's, but this one is a really nice and sexy Candy Shop compared to the rest.

this song should be removed from the top 20 and be on the top 10

best rap song I ever heard, or maybe just my favorite.

Position of Power
God Gave Me Style
Build You Up
Just a Lil Bit

One of the greatest 50 Cent songs of all time. This song needs to be higher possitioned, I don't know but is kinda better than more famous 50 cent's songs like Candy Shop

Best song from this great album.

How this song ain't it number 1?

A Baltimore Love Thing
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