Best Songs From Adam Lambert's Trespassing


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1 Never Close Our Eyes

It's just AWESOME! It's like the 99th time I'm listening to it, CONTINUOUSLY and I'm not bored at all! It's that good!

Come on this should be number 1 vote

Love it. Wish certain people would listen to this song!

It's a totally great song! his voice is fantastic! it's awesome. - CelineLambert

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2 Outlaws of Love

I love it love love love it

I truly love this song

3 Better Than I Know Myself

I love this song! I sometimes feel this way!

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4 Underneath

The best song ever

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5 Runnin

Best of adam...
His vocals are the best

I Love This Song So Much... It's Awesome! - CelineLambert

This song is epic. The louder it is the better it sounds xx

6 Trespassing

. How can this not be on the top?

7 Kickin' In

Only a pshyco can dislike this

8 Broken English

Simply THE BEST song on this album...

9 Naked Love

I love this song

10 Shady

Oh my god! This song is so handsome! I just... Cannot understand why this song isn't, at least, in the top 5! Love! 😍

The Contenders

11 Nirvana

Can't believe its number 1, it should be in top 5 at least!

12 Take Back
13 Pop That Lock

It is a very good song to listen to

14 Cuckoo

How can this song be behind Kickin' In? This is the best track on this album! Love it so much, very energetic.

15 Map

Best.. Better than rest

16 Chokehold
17 By the Rules
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