Best Songs On Adele's 21

The Top Ten Best Songs On Adele's 21

1 Someone Like You

More than just a song...

2 Set Fire to the Rain

Not just from the album this is her best song overall..

Rolling in the deep is so overplayed. Love this one. She's an amazing singer, I love everything she does.

Every time I hear this song I want to scream and sing along. - LukeTargaryen

Her voice is a lot more beautiful in this song than in rolling in the deep she has a beatiful voice in this song especially. Its heart breaking.

3 Rolling in the Deep
4 Turning Tables

I love all of Adele's songs

5 Rumour Has It
6 Take It All
7 One and Only
8 Don't You Remember
9 He Won't Go
10 I'll Be Waiting

I don't know why, but this is my favorite Adele song ever! It makes me happy. I'm very angry that it's not on the list.😢😡

The Contenders

11 I Found a Boy
12 Lovesong
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