Best Songs From Slash's Album Slash

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1 Crucify the Dead (Feat Ozzy Osbourne) Crucify the Dead (Feat Ozzy Osbourne) Cover Art

Slash+Ozzy=coolest combo of the 21st century

#1 Crucify the Dead, #2 Promise, #3 Back from Cali, #4 Ghost... Best Ozzy Osborn song yet! - Alpha101

2 Promise Promise Cover Art

Slash's riff is epic, Chris Cornell's vocals are epic; this truly is the best song from the best album of 2010! Enough Said - fidelcanojr

When two legends this big join, the result could be no less than awesome. Best song on the album, hands down.

Epic vocals, Epic guitar.

3 Back from Cali' Back from Cali' Cover Art
4 Ghost Ghost Cover Art

Slash, and this song in particular, is the resurrection of rock and f'in roll!

Now this is rock n' roll - shatti

Toatally My favorite song I am listening to it right now!

5 Gotten Gotten Cover Art

I love adam levine and I think he has sung this song so good that no one can ever sing like him... He is the best I love him so much

Because Adam Levine's voice. Okay... That is enough to be the best. - emmetthiddlestoner

I like the song becos its got a lot of feelings in it and it makes you feel comfortable and I love the riffs in it!
And plus Adam Levine is such a good singer! I LOVE THEM BOTH! - slashedduff

Best song of the album, definitely. Can't stop listening it. Great lyrics, great solo, soft atmosphere and strong ending. Rating A+++

6 By the Sword By the Sword Cover Art

How in the world is this song at number 9?! Got the trippiest solo of the whole album!

This song makes my forget everything around me. Trippy

Best song on inconsistent album!

Trippiest solo ever.

7 Starlight (Feat Myles Kennedy) Starlight (Feat Myles Kennedy) Cover Art

Really, I think this song is the only one (although I like the others a lot) that really fits into itself, with both a very good intro, a killer riff and an awesome solo! That makes it my iTunes most listened song, really.

Myles has the best rock voice OF ALL TIME and shows it off well in this song. No-one else has the range or quality vocals to pull this song off

Make it right before tomorrow. Place this on No 2

This song is bloody beautiful!

8 Watch This - Slash Watch This - Slash Cover Art
9 Nothing to Say Nothing to Say Cover Art

When I heard of this song I got super excited to hear it and when I did I wasn't disappointed. The best part was probably the fact that it sounded like Avenged Sevenfold with Slash replicating Syn's style nicely - Danielsun182

Whenever Slash plays this song, all other great guitarists are out-shined. In this song, Slash showed he can play Syn's style in his own way... The solo is very hard to play.. This only mean that only great guitarists like Slash can play it...

This is the best song in this album and probably one of the greatest rock songs ever. It has one of the greatest solo and sang by M. Shadows (a great rock vocalist). Slash really showed his excellency here in this song.

Any song with M. Shadows is amazing - Lem

10 Beautiful Dangerous Beautiful Dangerous Cover Art

When I first heard that Fergie sings the vocals for this song, I was like "The hell? ". Clearly I was wrong; Fergie is an awesome rock singer! I was just so glad to hear her voice without ridiculous amounts of Auto-Tune and post-production. - ShootinPutin

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11 Baby Can't Drive

It has alice cooper and Nicole Scherzinger, what could be better, this song is so catchy!

12 Paradise City

Fergie's sounds so manly in here! And also awesome solo from slash! Love this song! Also the guns n' roses version. but why isn't it at the top 5? It's supposed to be at the top 5

13 Doctor Alibi Doctor Alibi Cover Art

R.I.P Lemmy

14 Chains and Shackles

It is very similar to Nothing to Say, both are so great! - rock2metal

15 I Hold On I Hold On Cover Art

Nice vocals and slash is awesome too with his epic guitaring.
Long live Slash!

16 Sweet Child O' Mine (Acoustic)
17 We're All Gonna Die We're All Gonna Die Cover Art
18 Starlight Starlight Cover Art
19 Fall to Pieces Fall to Pieces Cover Art
20 Crucify the Dead Crucify the Dead Cover Art
21 Sahara
22 Saint is a Sinner Too (Feat. Rocco Deluca) Saint is a Sinner Too (Feat. Rocco Deluca) Cover Art
23 Back From Cali (Acoustic)
24 Mother Maria Mother Maria Cover Art

Come on guys. This is Cool

25 Saint is a Sinner Too Saint is a Sinner Too Cover Art
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