Best Songs from Alice In Chains' The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

These are the best songs from Alice In Chains' fifth studio album.

The Top Ten

1 Stone

No contest on this album

First AIC song I ever heard. Inspired me to get the album, and I've been hooked onto the band since 2013.

3.The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
6.Lab Monkey
7.Phantom Limb
8.Breath on a Window
9.Hung on a Hook
10.Pretty Done
12.Low Ceiling

2 Hollow

It is impossible! How such a great song is so low? This should be 2nd or at least in first 5 best song from this album.

Despite the fact that it's so modern, I can still hear the old Chains in this song. Took me back to Dirt days.

3 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

A haunting melody and a psychedelic vibe.. A very distinctive Dirt feel, this has to be the best song of the album, even one of the best AiC songs.

Darkest song I've ever heard...but I love it so much

4 Phantom Limb

Throwback to earlier days, in between dirt and dog

Dark, dreary, intelligent. Has that unique minor tone the band made famous. Vintage AIC.
What's not to love?

5 Choke
6 Voices

My personal favorite song on the album. So powerful and the lyrics are hauntingly beautiful the music is one of the more simple but it suits it PERFECTLY

7 Lab Monkey

Love this tune

8 Pretty Done

I think this should be number 1 in my opinion

9 Breath On a Window

Should be number 1. Extremely underrated and catchy as all hell.

10 Hung On a Hook

The Contenders

11 Scalpel

Um... Why is this not on here? Sounds like jar of Flies, and has a catchy chourus.

12 Low Ceiling Low Ceiling Cover Art

The best song in the whole album! This should be no. 1

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