Best Songs on Alter Bridge's One Day Remains

The Top Ten
1 Metalingus

1- Metalingus
2- Broken Wings
3- In Loving Memory
4- Open Your Eyes
5- Find The Real
6- One Day Remains
7- Watch Your Words
8- Down To My Last
9- The End Is Here
10- Shed My Skin
11- Burn It DOwn

2 Broken Wings

Best Song of alter bridge. Very too much nice song all time. Top one all time.

A masterpiece from Alter Bridge, should be number 1

3 In Loving Memory
4 Open Your Eyes
5 Down to My Last
6 One Day Remains One Day Remains Cover Art
7 Watch Your Words

The build up to the last chorus is so powerful and the guitar is intense

Love this song, really powerful

8 Find the Real
9 Burn It Down
10 Shed My Skin
The Contenders
11 The End Is Here
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