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1 Jesus of Suburbia

In truth pretty much every song on this album is really good, just straight up quality rock. I think this one remains the most epic and each part is really perfect for conveying the emotion of the song. Besides it's a long song for a Green Day song. You gotta give em props for doing something different and big. They tried it again on down the album with homecoming, however I don't believe it was executed as well. Though it was cool to have dirnt and tre singing on different sections. Still I think this song kind of sets up the whole story and feel for what you are going to hear on the rest of the album. - LordJosh

This song is just so good... I could hardly speak when I first heard it! This entire song just speaks to me in so many ways! It draws me in with the beginning half, the second half is just so calming to me and it makes me want to listen to the rest of it. This was executed very well and each section had it's charms. It is one of the best songs on the album. The whole album is very good thought.

Tre Cool's favorite song is my favorite song too. - GreenDay95

This is truly the most powerful and meaningful Green Day song of all. The vocals are spot on as well as the bass and drums. The Dearly Beloved section is the best by long ways...1. Jesus of Suburbia 2. Letterbomb 3. Holiday 4. Homecoming 5. Wake Me Up When September top 5 off of this album.

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2 Boulevard of Broken Dreams

This is not a song.. its an inspiration for many people to face life no matter what... what is it doing at no. 2? This song is THE HEART of the album... it brings any heartbroken and depressed person back on his feet to face the world! I WALK ALONE I WALK A! the best song ever made!



If this song is on top of "Best Green Day songs", then how come its on second. - zxm

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3 Holiday

Even though it's one of their best songs is generally underrated though it is amazing the guitar riff is just WOW the solo blows you away not to mention the meaning full lyrics

Oh my god my favorite song ever it has never changed since I listened to holiday my favorite song to play on guitar. It also has such a sick riff don't forget the awesome drums and bass you hear during the bridge dirmit rocks that bass



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4 Wake Me Up When September Ends

Emotionally moving I wish I could go to sleep during September, hell all of the year...

the best song from the album. Not political but deals with the emotional pain from the loss of a father, this is music at its most beautifully fragile

This one should be #1! This was dedicated to his day and was sung with the most feeling.

Such an amazing emotional song.

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5 American Idiot

All you American idiots that made this f-ing SIXTH on this list are obviously deaf
How could you not fall for the incredibly catchy riff

Easily the best track of the album. Everything is perfectly balanced. Catchy with a powerful message. I'm a jazz guy, but truthfully, this is one hell of a song.

Great song, especially when its live it is quality

BEST SONG EVER - Garoto_Oceano

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6 Whatsername

WHAT!? Are you people stupid or deaf!? This is easily the best song, listen to the 2nd half of this song, it's so powerful!

I'll be quite honest, all of the other songs are great and that's what makes the album so wonderful. But the way this album starts out and how it transitions into that epic middle part ("remember... Whatever...") it just is an emotional song for me and I connected to it way more than any of the other songs. It's so powerful and one of the best endings to an album that can be done and it get's me teary-eyed every time I hear that line "forgetting you but not the times" but maybe that's just me. Either way amazing song! Haha

Remember... Whatever... It feels like forever ago! I love this part of the song! So powerful and strong! Green Day forever!

This is my order
1. Whatsername
2. Wake Me Up When September Ends
4. Novacaine
5. American Idiot
6. Jesus Of Suburbia
Whatsername is by far the best song on AI and one of the best of all time.

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7 Homecoming

In my opinion... Best Green Day song ever off of their best album ever. And for all of you fools who say that American idiot and so forth are not "Pure Green Day", SHUT UP! Really just shut up. Green Day recorded this album and this album has a bigger fan base than all the others. Trust me this is one of the only albums that is globally liked by pop music fans and Death Metal/Screamo fans such as myself. This song as well as letter bomb and almost this whole album just takes me out of this world to a place where I can think and get my head together. Anyway this song has a very soft and very nice intro then packs a massive punch with the first verse all the way to part two. Part one makes me feel really happy to be alive and when he sings "Jimmi died today, blew his brains out into the bay" I really connect to that because I have some friends who are considering that. The somebody get me out of here part that follows really describes how I feel when I'm in a very ...more

Better than Jesus of suburbia. Just go for it one time...


Simply Amazing. The ending of this song gives it the slight edge over Jesus Of Suburbia. Also seems slightly more mature than Jesus. in my opinion it should've closed the album--the ending, "Home, We're Coming Home Again" Gives a feeling of everything will be okay.

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8 Extraordinary Girl / Letterbomb

Incredible song. More energy than every other song on the album.

Of course all the singles would be in the top five. Don't get me wrong, the singles are fantastic as well, but this song tops all of them. But seriously, people. Can we please put more thought into this than, "This one was on the radio! Therefore, it's the best! "

It is an amazing song! My favorite Green Day song. It's not the most underrated, that's Are We the Waiting. - rishal21

This is my favorite Green Day song.

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9 Give Me Novacaine

The most underrated Green Day song of all time

All great songs, but I just feel like voting for this one. - georgielikesgreenday

Soothing vocals, beautiful melody, and explosive chorus. Best Green Day song in my opinion.

Super underrated, extremely beautiful and haunting

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10 Are We the Waiting / St. Jimmy

Am I the only one who thinks this list is screwed up? This is one of the best songs on the album along with are we the waiting she's a rebel and extraordinary girl! Ugh fix this list people

I love this song. My other favourite one wasn't on the list so I just voted for my second favourite one instead.

WHAT! HOW IS THIS 10? This song is better than American idiot! This list is totally messed up

It's amazing, every time I hear st. Jimmy I start jumping, anywhere

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11 She's a Rebel

This song is just AWESOME! How can anyone not like it?!?

Fun, Rocking, and Fast. What Green Day is all about

That song is very underrated and awesome - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Short song but it's so damn catchy

12 St. Jimmy
13 Are We the Waiting
14 Letterbomb
15 Extraordinary Girl
16 Shoplifter
17 Governator
18 Favorite Son
19 When It's Time

It's a great song, too bad it didn't make the final release, but despite little attention, it's there and good

20 Too Much Too Soon

Too much too soon is a great song. Its just full out Green Day.

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1. Holiday
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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1. Holiday
2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
3. Wake Me Up When September Ends
1. She's a Rebel
2. Are We the Waiting / St. Jimmy
3. Wake Me Up When September Ends

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