Best Songs On Asking Alexandria's From Death to Destiny

Best songs from Asking Alexandria's 3rd studio album, called From Death to Destiny.

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1 The Death of Me

Extremely energetic and portrays their new style quite well! Love it!

This Song keeps me going. I love it :3

Verry good though album

2 Run Free

Brilliant song. Released as a single long before the rest of the album was released. - EvilAngel

I was contemplating suicide, and this song came out on music choice. I knew it was a sign. This song and band saved my life.

The best song ever! Danny is so poetic :3

This song lifts my spirits. ^_^

3 Moving On

This song is so emotional to me and its so lyrically strong. I feel such a strong connection with this song. This has a way different sound then normal asking alexandria but it is just great. Easily one of the top 3 asking alexandria songs ever

I think this one or White Line Fever should be #1
The sound of Moving On is really good I love the bluesy type sound to it and the lyrics are amazing too

My best song from their new album... Just love this song

So amazing and I can't stop from listening this song.
<3 it should be at 1st

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4 White Line Fever

If there's a black hole heading for hell then baby count me in! Best song on the album.

I just love the guitar, the lyrics, everything about it really! This really got me into the album and now I'm addicted to it :D

5 Don't Pray For Me

Not the best but it's my favorite atm.O.
Best intro ever x'D

6 Killing You

I love this song!
Should be the first!
And "Poison" should be the 2. One!

Has to be much higher, as the Poison

7 The Road
8 Until the End
9 Creature
10 Poison

I just can't get why is it so low. That is an incredible one

The Contenders

11 Break Down the Walls

Superb singing from Danny and just great guitar work a real solid tune

12 Dead
13 Believe
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1. Run Free
2. The Death of Me
3. Moving On
1. Moving On
2. The Death of Me
3. Run Free
1. The Death of Me
2. Moving On
3. Run Free


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