Best Songs On Asking Alexandria's From Death to Destiny

Best songs from Asking Alexandria's 3rd studio album, called From Death to Destiny.

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1 The Death of Me

Extremely energetic and portrays their new style quite well! Love it!

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2 Run Free

Brilliant song. Released as a single long before the rest of the album was released. - EvilAngel

The best song ever! Danny is so poetic :3

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3 Moving On

This song is so emotional to me and its so lyrically strong. I feel such a strong connection with this song. This has a way different sound then normal asking alexandria but it is just great. Easily one of the top 3 asking alexandria songs ever

I think this one or White Line Fever should be #1
The sound of Moving On is really good I love the bluesy type sound to it and the lyrics are amazing too

My best song from their new album... Just love this song

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4 White Line Fever

If there's a black hole heading for hell then baby count me in! Best song on the album.

I just love the guitar, the lyrics, everything about it really! This really got me into the album and now I'm addicted to it :D

5 Don't Pray For Me
6 Killing You

I love this song!
Should be the first!
And "Poison" should be the 2. One!

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7 The Road
8 Poison

I just can't get why is it so low. That is an incredible one

9 Until the End
10 Creature

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11 Break Down the Walls

Superb singing from Danny and just great guitar work a real solid tune

12 Dead
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