Best Songs On Asking Alexandria's Stand Up and Scream

Top ten songs from Asking Alexandria's first studio album, the brilliant Stand Up And Scream.

The Top Ten Best Songs On Asking Alexandria's Stand Up and Scream

1 The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)

This is the best song on stand up and scream it inspired me and you will love it because it is a great growl song it's got good guitar in it and bass and yea so go grab a copy of stand up and scream today

This was the first song I ever heard and till now no other song can compete to this one

2 A Prophecy

This is a truly amazing song. It's the one that got me into all their other songs and similar bands. Thanks guys! You are the best! Keep on rocking!

My own personal favourite, and my favourite Asking Alexandria song, it's an amazing song and made me like them in the first place. - EvilAngel

3 Not the American Average
4 If You Can't Ride Two Horses at Once... You Should Get Out of the Circus
5 When Everyday's the Weekend


6 A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta
7 Alerion
8 A Single Moment of Sincerity
9 I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King
10 I Used to Have a Best Friend

One of the best songs on the album.Fab you more!

The Contenders

11 Nobody Don't Dance No More
12 Hey There Mr. Brooks
13 Hiatus
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