Rocking With Regret: Stand Up and Scream By Asking Alexandria

christangrant Oh boy Asking Alexandria they once made a interview about how Metallica sucks now and that they are the biggest band in the world and how they said Nirvana killed Metal. Well guess what Every Metallica Album Including St. Anger is better than Asking Alexandria's whole discography, Yeah they are that bad they are one of the worst bands in the rock genre and they are one of the bands that give Metal a bad name just because they are included in the Metalcore genre even though they aren't a metal band at all because they use more core elements in their music. But anyway enough with this let's get on to the review.

Stand Up and Scream is the debut studio album by English Metalcore band Asking Alexandria and was released on 15 September 2009 through Sumerian Records. This album received mixed reviews because critics praised the Unclean vocals the loud guitars and Drums but criticized the electronic elements and the clean vocals. But do agree with the critics well why do you think i am making this post right now? They suck and i'm going to go track by track as to why this band sucks.


First of all let me just say that the electronic elements in this song are annoying its the same thing being repeated over and over and same goes for the guitar riffs i have literally no idea why people think this band is metal they sound nothing like metal and this song is meh until the vocals come in and my god they are awful i have no idea why critics praise the unclean vocals it's sounds like they are trying to do Death Growls and they want to be a Death Metal band but failing miserably and overall this song sucks only positive thing i have to say is at least it's not too long but thats not saying much.
Rating: 5/10

The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel):

And here is the track of this album that get's the most praise and to be honest i have no idea why it's more of the same boring repetitive core riffs the vocals again are not good it's like they are trying to be hardcore and brutal but they can't even do that. IThis has to be one of the most overrated Metalcore songs because theirs literally nothing that good here that would want to make me listen to this again it's bland boring and repetitive and this song gets annoying quick plus why are electronic elements in this music if they want to be hardcore why are they putting electronics in their music that sound like something you would hear a pop music radio station mixed with some awful Metalcore instrumentation. Screw this song it sucks and is one of the most overrated metalcore songs.
Rating 5/10

A Candlelit Dinner with Inamorta:

I'm already sick of this album and it's only the 3rd song on the album and it's more of the same wannabe Death Metal band stuff and i'm pretty sure if you want to be a Death Metal band you don't put very poppy esc vocals in your song and plus Death Metal takes a lot more talent than just playing the same chords on guitar over and over again and this is why Asking Alexandria is not a metal band they are just a core band that uses probably 10% or probably even lower of metal in their songs plus the electronic elements aren't helping their case it just makes their music even worse.
Rating 3/10

Nobody Don't Dance No More:

Oh yeah this is totally something a Metal band would write a song about (Sarcasm) my god this song is awful the riffs are boring bland and repetitive and the vocals are awful so yeah more of the same awfulness just like the other songs and the eletronic elements really make the song worse than it actually is oh and for those wondering i don't hate electronics in music if they used correctly and here they aren't they just suck.
Rating 3/10

Hey There Mr. Brooks:

Again more of the same awfulness from this album Asking Alexandria really do deserve a title of being one of the worst bands in the rock genre theirs nothing about them that i like nothing they are just awful and have almost no redeeming qualities.
Rating 3/10

Hiatus (Instrumental):

So it's what the song title suggests a hiatus from the awful music but to be honest this song is pointless but i'll give it some points for letting the awful music from this band stop and here the electronics are ok but it sounds liek nothing a metal band would do this might as well be a pop song because that's basically what this is.
Rating 5/10

If You Can't Ride Two Horses at Once... You Should Get Out of the Circus:

My god what a long song title but anyway to be fair this song is somewhat better than the last few songs but that doesn't mean it's good at all it's still got most of the things that make this album and this band bad.
Rating 5/10

A Single Moment of Sincerity:

And again more of the same awfulness at this point there's no hope in saying this album is good in pretty much anyway it's awful and is one of the worst albums in the rock genre.
Rating 4/10

Not the American Average:

Like i said there's no saving this album and this track only helps in my reasoning as to why Asking Alexandria is one of the worst rock bands ever.
Rating 3/10

I Used to Have a Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me an STD):

Oh my god this song is one of the worst rock songs i have ever heard the lyrics are god awful and the instrumentation is awful basically everything about this song is awful but i mean what do you expect from a song titled
"I Used to Have a Best Friend (But Then He Gave Me an STD)" i mean who the hell would title their song that, well Asking Alexadnria but seriously this song is awful in pretty much every way.
Rating 3/10

A Prophecy:

Here's the other song from the album that gets lots of praise for some reason but to be fair though this song is somewhat better than the last few songs and i would probably this song is the least worst of the album but it still is bad and has little redeeming qualities.
Rating 5/10

I Was Once, Possibly, Maybe, Perhaps a Cowboy King:

Yawn, another awful song from this album with almost no redeeming qualities i have literally next track please.
Rating 4/10

When Everyday's the Weekend:

The last song on this album thank god and this song is bad but at least it's better than most of the other songs from this album but that ain't saying much because every song on this album is bad.
Rating 5/10

My god this album is so bad but let's add up the scores

5(x6) + 4(x2) + 3(x5) = 53 and - 30 = 23

Album Rating 23/100

This album is so far the worst album i have ever heard in my life literally nothing about this album is good it has no redeeming qualities and overall shows just how bad of a band Asking Alexandria really is avoid this album at all costs but if you are curious know that this album will be awful.

anyway that's the end of this post thanks for reading and leave a comment if you so wish.


I should add: This album is what you get if One Direction tried to be Hardcore - christangrant