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1 Bat Country

Pretty catchy song, the intro, the solo, the vocals, all is exciting

Too many doses and I'm starting to get an attraction. LOVE that lyric!

Amazing song, The Rev really did good at what he did

Best childhood song I can remember

2 Beast and the Harlot

Better and far more interesting than Rat Country.

Who are the idiots who think that bat country is better than the beast and the harlot?

This is an awesome album, best A7x album for me. All songs are heavy metal, and no song is crap like dear god and tonight the world dies. But for me, Beast and the harlot, Bat Country, and blinded in chains should be tied for 1st. Seize the day has meaning, great video, but as a song, sure not #3 for this list. It should be aroung 6 or 7

First song I ever heard from avenged... On Guitar Hero 2. Instantly fell in love. One of the best riffs ever written, great drumming, amazing solo, need I say more.

3 M.I.A.

This song is amazing, over 8 minutes long, great intro, great mid-song solo, great acoustic outro solo, and great subject. This song honestly sound like a seize the day and bat country combined because of great riffs and its almost somewhat of a power ballad. - danimey

Amazing from start to bottom with a variety of vocal ranges and riffs. A truly underrated masterpiece.

Just an amazing song matts voice is just incredible also a great war song. the solo is just amazing this should be number 1

Bat country is super overrated. My least favourite song actually, now MIA... this is a masterpiece

4 Seize the Day

Better than beast and the harlot. Beautiful song. Bat Country might be a better song but not nearly as beautiful as this one. - fidelcanojr

Very slow and meaningful

Best and most beautiful song on the album

First song I've ever listened from A7X. Been a fan ever since

5 Blinded in Chains

Not just from City of Evil, but the best A7X song of all time, in my opinion. - jimmy12lee

The lyrics are awesome. The guitars are awesome. The drums are awesome(listen 2:55) This song is awesome. UNDERRATED. In my opinion, is one of the best songs of A7X.

My favorite on City of Evil... - ImagineACoolUsernameHere

So much yes. It was the song that got me hooked on A7X

6 Sidewinder

Hard to decide as they're all amazing and transition well from very heavy to toned down yet intricate and beautiful. A catchy and beautiful chorus with great riffs an nice acoustic at the end

I'm surprised... The two best songs of the album are the last ones -. -'
How can't you LOVE both of them? Sidewinder has that fantastic chorus and the best acoustic solo ever heard, and Betrayed has stunning vocals and is securely my favourite song from a7x. I think you should all listen very carefully to these two songs

I like Bat Country, Seize the Day and Beast and the Harlot more, but this have to be in number 4

Maybe it's not their best song, but you must said that this song have the best ending..

7 Strength of the World

Don't judge a song by it's video. This is simply the best song in this album

This song is pretty underrated but I'm a big fan of this track and Synyster's solo. I personally would have this song on my top 10 A7X songs list. It's such a beautiful track and it sticks to you. One of the best songs from City of Evil.

The most epic song from Avenged Sevenfold!

One of the best songs Avenged have put out. So beautiful, so powerful, so epic. Needs to be higher.

8 The Wicked End

Best song on the album, period.

Are you kidding me! This will always be one of their best songs. Definitely the best from this album. Awesome bass intro, killer guitar and guitar solo, great and unique vocals/lyrics, and of course The Rev. Can't get enough. I hope they never quit making albums.

Man is becoming more corrupt now GODLESS,WIKED,AND,CRUEL

God damn, I can't stop listening to this song! - LiamMcNeaney

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9 Trashed and Scattered

This song is awesome

This song is better than the wicked end

I think Bat Country is pretty overrated.
1. Beast and the Harlot
3. Bat Country
4. Seize the Day
5. Trashed and Scattered
6. Burn It Down
7. The Wicked End

10 Burn It Down

Come on strenght of the world and this is better than the wicked end

I love this one
Jealousy is an ugly word but you don't seem to care

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11 Betrayed

This song is just amazing.. it gets even better once the heavy riffs start kicking in

This song kicks major ass!

Tribute to Dimebag Darrell

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1. Bat Country
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3. M.I.A.

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