Best Songs Off Avenged Sevenfold's Self Titled Album

The best songs off of Avenged Sevenfold's amazing self titled album.

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1 Afterlife Afterlife

Afterlife is A7x best song. I honestly don't know why people like Dear God at all. It's their worst song...

Dear god should be at the number of its track-no.10-its their crappiest song

The best song by Avenged Sevenfold. Plain and simple.

Well obviously is their best song, how can't been the best song of the album?

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2 A Little Piece of Heaven A Little Piece of Heaven

I think is the best song of this album, or one of the best songs. Is the most exiting and inspire you to sing and usually is very funny and keep you active on the rhythm. Now, this is my favorite song.

I absolutely love A Piece Of Heaven, its my favorite song on this album and in my top 5 off all their songs. I dig the way Shadows says "Bye bye" and the way he says "don't cry" at the end of the song - Danielsun182

Didn't like it at first, but now it's my favourite

Hilarious. Sorta sounds like a pirate song.

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3 Critical Acclaim Critical Acclaim

Afterlife is not the best song in the album... Critical Acclaim is. Plain and simple.

Afterlife should be in second, but I think Critical Acclaim is the best. - thunder850

A great creation from the band; very unique. The Rev is particularly outstanding on his vocals and the guitar is superb.

This song has accurate and honest views of the world around us and incorporates some of the best music in the album.

My favorite song of A7X's. Every second of this song is amazing. Way better than afterlife and a little piece of heaven.

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4 Almost Easy Almost Easy

One of the band's best structured songs, with a catchy chorus and the bridge part is Matt's best vocal performance.

1st A7X song that Take my heart forever since I was 8 this song come from my favorite game NFS Pro Street (y) Nothing can same the insanity of the song Love Rev

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5 Dear God Dear God

This song has touching lyrics, it shouldn't be so underrated

Others call it underrated but for me it's a good song with simple but deep meaning.

Not bad. Fairly catchy and well made but not one of their best.

I don't know why people think this song is bad. It's one of their best ones.

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6 Gunslinger Gunslinger

A great tribute to the men and women fighting for their country. This song has a little bit of everything and is truly awesome.

Why is this below Lost and unbound? Those have to be a7x's biggest duds.

I don't understand why this song makes me fly cause I like the music

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7 Scream Scream

This song has some of the best elements of any a7x song. Truly mindblowing verses and riffs.

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8 Lost Lost

Seriously underrated song. Great guitar and meaningful lyrics.

The pitch correction is just a perfect match for the song

It's a best song ever lyric and music so good

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9 Brompton Cocktail Brompton Cocktail

Great song, but can get a bit plain and repetitive after a while.

This song's lyrics were written by Rev and he committed suicide the same way as mentioned in its lyrics.

This song is very underrated... just listen to it and appreciate it :D

At least it's better than Lost.

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10 Unbound (The Wild Ride) Unbound (The Wild Ride)

Awesome underrated song but still cool it has a little girl singing at the end this is one of my favorite. A7x songs

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11 Crossroads Crossroads

Isn't this from Diamonds In The Rough?

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1. Afterlife
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3. A Little Piece of Heaven

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