Best Songs From Avril Lavigne's Goodbye Lullaby

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1 Wish You Were Here Wish You Were Here

My order for this album goes 1. Wish you were here 2. What the hell 3. smile 4. Everybody hurts 5. Push 6. I love you 7. Alice 8. Stop standing there 9. Not enough 10. Black star 11. Goodbye 12. Remember when 13. Darlin 14. 4 Real

My 3 favorite Avril Lavigne songs are
Wish you were here
Remember when
And Nobody's home!
I have no order for them!

I love this song, it's so relatable & her voice is beautiful once again

Four words that describe this song: My. Favorite. Song. Ever.

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2 Smile Smile

I love this song like hell. What to do it's just so amazing. I literally smile when I hear this song. Its beautiful and melodious. - dontmesswidme

I got to download it to my iPod! It's just so good I can't help listening to it over and over again... :D It makes me wanna smile. People who don't like this song don't smile ):

This song is sweet. The upbeat music, and the vocals are just perfection! Avril really outdid herself with this one!

3 Everybody Hurts Everybody Hurts

Shows that everyone has bad days but don't let them hurt you.

Beautiful song. I've been stuck on it all day. I love it. - eventer51314

"Everybody hurts someday
Its okay to be afraid
Everybody Hurts..
Everybody screams
Everybody feels this way
And its okay.. Lalalalala, its okay " :)

Beautiful song. One is a fool if one doesn't like this song

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4 What the Hell What the Hell

Avril chose this song to be the first song from this album, so she thinks it's the best one. - simplecrossbonez

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5 Goodbye Goodbye

The first time I heard this song, I cried for a while, but it is a really good song and it is filled with emotions and feelings.

Oh gosh, I can't even listen to this song sometimes because it's so emotional. The lyrics! She has such a great voice. - eventer51314

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6 Stop Standing There Stop Standing There

This song is all about how when a guy is, well, just standing there! It's like, hello? Do you feel how I feel too? Is something going to happen here.. Or? It's how a lot of girls feel, me included.

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7 Push Push V 1 Comment
8 Not Enough Not Enough V 1 Comment
9 Darlin' Darlin' V 2 Comments
10 I Love You I Love You

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11 Alice Alice

I love this song so much, it is one of my favorite songs to listen too because it always makes me smile when I'm feeling down.

I love this song and so dose my dad we put on full blust when we are on the hoils and we love viode and it is just the best song ever done by her if you have not hard cheek it out because you have hard nothing yet!

12 Black Star Black Star
13 Remember When Remember When V 1 Comment
14 4 Real 4 Real V 1 Comment
15 Bad Reputation Bad Reputation
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1. What the Hell
2. Smile
3. Wish You Were Here
1. Smile
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Darlin'
1. Alice
2. Everybody Hurts
3. Black Star



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