Best Songs From Avril Lavigne's Under My Skin

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1 My Happy Ending

A great song and I like playing it on the guitar but I want to remind everyone that the most popular song is not necessarily the best one. - IronMaidenFan666

2 Nobody's Home

This is a sad song but it's very true. Many young people feel like this and Avril has got through into their minds. Well done, Av.

3 Don't Tell Me
4 Take Me Away

I'm the one who thinks that this is her greatest song? She rocks!

5 Slipped Away

The best Avril Lavigne song, mostly because I lost my grandfather who was really close to me and Avril wrote this song about the same experience (about her grandfather who died) so I can relate to it. - IronMaidenFan666

I really cried listening to this. It's her best Song of all time should be on top

This song should be a single. For me, is better than "He wasn't".

6 Fall to Pieces
7 Freak Out

UNDERRATED! should've been a single! Has the perfect emo sound

8 Together
9 Who Knows
10 He Wasn't

The Contenders

11 Forgotten
12 How Does It Feel
13 I Always Get What I Want
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1. Nobody's Home
2. Take Me Away
3. Don't Tell Me
1. Don't Tell Me
2. Take Me Away
3. Together
1. My Happy Ending
2. Nobody's Home
3. Take Me Away


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