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1 Something

The whole album is great. But this one stands out the most for me.

Masterfully composes song. Although I gotta say, the last three medley songs Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, and The End are all like one Beatles Bohemian Rhapsody lol

The entire albums fantastic, but this song is one of the beatles' best. The melody of harrison is amazing and the bridge has given me a heart attack!

Georges best song!

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2 Here Comes the Sun

Great feeling song love most of the album apart from maxwell and octopus garden great album

I do think Something is the best song on the album but I had to vote for this one because this was the song that got me into Beatles music, it was a favourite of mine from a very young age

Probably my favorite song from one of the best musical groups in human history. Also this song cheers me up when I'm sad.

Amazing song

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3 Come Together

Gotta be good looking cause' he's so hard to see. Come Together Right Now Over me. Never get tired of this Gem! - Beatlesboy9

One of Paul's best bass lines, although the lyrics aren't the best of Lennon, it makes for one groovy tune

How George's two songs top the list is beyond me: they're good, but this is a Beatles album, meaning John and Paul have plenty of quality material. That includes this one: a funky John number that kicks off the album to a great start.

There's some great stuff on the album, but a few too many 1-2 minute throwaway songs for my liking. This is easily the standout song. - truckturner

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4 I Want You (She's So Heavy)

this song is great, anyone can enjoy the guitar, vocals and even the organ - rock2metal

I love prog, and doom metal. Being one of the first examples of both, and coming from the Beatles, it has to be good.

John Lennon started to wrote this song on my birthday

Bass fills!

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5 The End

This was the peak of their career. Ringo's very solid drum solo, followed by a rotating guitar solo with three sets of two bars each from by Paul, George, and John, which was recorded on the first take with no overdubs, it truly shows how in tune with each other these musicians were. Then the summation of their entire catalogue, underscored by their most beautiful music: "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make." Magnificent.

This is the Beatles being a band one last time and their love for one another shines through. Exquisite musicianship. Poignant and concise lyrics. A great end to a great career.

All the Beatles get a solo. This song is an effective goodbye or end to the greatest band that will ever be.

Who doesn't love a good guitar solo. Obviously people who've never heard this song. This is the biggest head-banger song the beatles have ever made period. One of my favorites. Totally worth every second. Too bad "Her Majesty" ruined this perfect way to end an album and the beatle's entire discography.

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6 Golden Slumbers

This song is absolutely the most heart felt song on the whole album. It really makes you sit back and say wow look at what these four individuals did. They created a good portion of the best music ever made and this is how they sum it up. Amazing

With "The End" and "Carry That Weight", this is the final goodbye of the greatest band that will ever be. - higgsboson2142

This song a good one

It's all about the suite Golden Slumbers/ Carry That Weight/ The End. The magnificant final piece of The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band. - SintJohn

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7 You Never Give Me Your Money

This song is about the breakup of the Beatles (NOT nonsense as the next comment says! ). The "funny papers" instead of money are the worthless checks given to them by Apple Records. The "negotiations" and "breakdowns" are their arguments pre-breakup. "Nowhere to go" referred to their hopelessness at staying as a group. Paul's "one sweet dream" was leaving Apple Records and driving away post-breakup.

I fully agree, this song makes a lot of sense and is a great track on the album! Superb vocal by Paul by the way! - SintJohn

This song makes barely any sense: The Beatles seemed to be more vague about the subject of their songs as they went on- and the reason I love it so much is because of the fact it makes no sense!

Perhaps one of the best beatles songs, paul's part in the middle has to be one of the best verses in the history of music!

I eat cereal to this song

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8 Octopus's Garden

Ringo should have wrote more songs!

I love this song so much!

Poor Ringo not getting that attention...

It's the best song ever

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9 Because

This is a great John song with 9 vocals, the only Beatles song to have this many. George's vocals, even though practically inaudible, are great. John's voice is the very standard inbetween the two, making harmony. Paul's voice gives it a lot of spirit.

This close harmony inspired Queen to open Bohemian Rhapsody. But The Beatles did better harmonies. The version on the Anthology is also great! - SintJohn

The best harmony ever

Best harmonies ever! It can't even go better than this!

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10 Oh! Darling

This is a great song and shows what a great singer Paul was. He used the theme for the later recorded Let Me Roll It on his Band on the Run album. - SintJohn

Great collaboration with perfect guitar riffs and Ringo's drumming Rock my soul.

The distorted riff and Paul's screaming voice complement each other nicely. It's a very underrated song

Has to be higher

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11 Carry that Weight

This song never receives enough respect. Perhaps because it is insubstantial on its own. Placed with Golden Slumbers and The End, though, it is a masterpiece. Whatever, Cowboy Bebop forever.

Powerful chorus that makes you want to shout out the lyrics

I like this song

12 Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Why so many people don't like this song? It sounds so good

This is so amazing! The Counter Point is pure genius! I wish I could forgive the people who hate on this song, but I find it really hard.

I love the album, but this song is definitely my favourite because it's just so different

Sounds great, catchy and dark.

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13 She Came In Through the Bathroom Window

Besides for just sounding like a great tune, I always feel as if this song does an amazing job of rounding out the part of medley that flawlessly flows from one section to another.

The highlight of the medley, in my opinion. Mustard-Pam-Bathroom!

14 Mean Mr. Mustard
15 Polythene Pam

I love this song! It's incredibly underrated!

Just love the intro

My favorite song of the album-

16 Sun King

For me, the best in the album aside "Something".

I love this song

17 Her Majesty

This isn't even a song

I love this song!

18 Abbey Road Medley

The greatest end to an album I've ever heard. - MrKite

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