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1 Eleanor Rigby

Beautiful and spectacular song! So meaningful and intense.

My 11th grade English teacher, who happened to also be my mother, made us read this song and study it as a poem, and then she played it for us. She did the same for "Sounds of Silence". I've loved it since then. - Blue_Devereaux

This truly DOES deserve to be 1#. 'Eleanor Rigby'is a true masterpiece- Beautiful, yet the Beatles manage to balance just the right amount of emotion for this, not too dramatic yet not completely emotionless. I play this song over and over again and never get tired of hearing it.

As an amateur music writer, I am very fascinated by two melodies going at the same time (which I think is called counter-point). It is really fantastic at the end when "All the Lonely People, Where do they all come from" and "III Look at all the lonely people" go at the same time

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2 Tomorrow Never Knows

First song to be recorded on the album - westofohio

Great Song, My jam for revolver

Very ahead of its time.

Great song, mix between Revolution & Stawberry Fields Forever

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3 Here, There and Everywhere

100% this song - Toenails

My favorite along with She Said She Said, but I chose this one cause its lyrics is sentimental and beautiful, and I love McCartney's voice (this song is incredibly underrated, I think because in this record McCartney's voice was doubled and so it didn't sound as good as Yesterday for example, anyway, there's a version on youtube with his "normal voice", so I prefer that! )

Beautiful delicate melody and one of Paul's best compositions.

This song is the best

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4 I'm Only Sleeping

This is so beautiful and idyllic! It always reminds me of blue skies and the white clouds bobbling along! I guess it tells us about the joys of dreaming... Whoch I wholeheartedly agree with. George's reversed guitar solos take it to an entirely different level, while Paul's sleepy bass playing adds to the pleasently lazy feel...

makes me feel high in a good way

Best of all possible Beatles songs. Ethereal, wispy, hard at times, and Rhythm and Bluse as HELL!

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5 Taxman

A wonderful song by George typical one four five with a twist, the lyrics nail it. There is a live version where he adds verses and even mentions I believe Reagan / Bush.

Definitely in my top 3 favorite songs off of Revolver! But, of course, Revolver is just flat out one of The Beatles best albums, if not, their best - kaitlynrad11

Bitter yet comedic lyrics that fit perfectly for Harrison's voice. The distorted guitar is beautiful and the solo is great

This is one epic protest song! George's vocals, Paul's bass and lead playing... WOAH! Definitely one of Harrison's best ones!

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6 She Said She Said

Magically Dark

Come on, everyone! This deserves to be higher!

At least #2 next to "Tomorrow Never Knows.''

I love the tonality of this song. - Gg2000

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7 And Your Bird Can Sing

Brilliant john Lennon!

This song totally rocks. One of their best. Don't know why Lennon hated it so much? Maybe could have been longer. But for what it's worth it's an excellent song that can get you rocking out.

This is a top tune the lead is tops and it just shows the talent they all had I can not imagine the world with out the Beatles they gave so much I thank them for the joy and love they gave

One of my favorite Beatles songs

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8 For No One

In my opinion, this song has two flaws. One: It doesn't have enough musical depth in the chorus. Two: It's way too short.
Other than that, it's a McCartney masterpiece - AlexZoraj

It is a beautiful song that expresses the pain associated with the loss of a long time lover. Using phrases like, "She no longer needs you" and "In her eyes, you see nothing" McCartney shows the anxiety and stress a broken soul feels after a disheartening break-up.

This is one of the saddest songs they have ever made, and that is saying something considering it's the Beatles. One of the only Beatles songs to make me tear up, along with She's Leaving Home, In My Life and a few others.

Not my favorite, but we need to get it up

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9 Yellow Submarine

Soundtrack version is better just saying

This should at least be at 8 if not 6. It's a classic, weird, and silly song that never gets old. - Curtis_Huber

This song made me a true Beatles fan

"Yellow Submarine" is one of my favorites. This song is intended to be the best song of their seventh studio album Revolver for it peaked in the US Billboard Hot 100 at number two.

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10 Got to Get You Into My Life

This song is the most underrated song by The Beatles, and that is a cold, hard fact. Nobody has this in their favorites, but it has some of the best horn arrangements ever and some of my personal favorite vocal performances by Paul McCartney.

This song is the most underrated song ever - OmegaRanker

McCartney later, during his solo years, admitted this was about pot. Even so, it sends a clear message from the singer that he wants you in his life. We are allowed to read into a song's lyrics and what I thought was the singer wanting her in his life seemed sophisticated and visceral at the same time. - mgenet

In the fade to the song McCartney sings "Look what you've done to my life." This perhaps in some way adds to it being about pot.

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11 I Want to Tell You

One of my favorite George Harrison songs!

I so love the title to this... - Britgirl

I confused George for John here. - marmalade_skies

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12 Good Day Sunshine

I love this song to much

The happiness is insane! I don't know what, but something just works about this song.

Good song but doesn't fit with the album. - marmalade_skies

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13 Doctor Robert

This song just makes me happy to be honest

The way john says doctor robert is so british I love it

My doctor's name is Robert. He gives me Adderall. - marmalade_skies

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14 Love You To

Best song ever! Harrison killed it once again! I like the sitar and other instruments that are in this song. It has great flow and I never skip it on my iTunes playlist!

Harrison's Indian rock is just so out there, but somehow manage to feel fitting to the album. I love them all.

Adds to the psychedelic feel of the record. - marmalade_skies

Should be above 10-13 its not better than the top 8 but shouldn't be bottom

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