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1 Eight Days a Week Eight Days a Week

The fade IN caught your ears and their upbeat straight ahead pop style took you the rest of the way. This was the Beatles's weakest album in regard to the writing, yet, as usual, miles ahead of most of their contemporaries. - mgenet

This was the only good song in this album. I find that this album was insanely rushed. It's a shame though that the Beatles never performed this live and never found how great we find the song to be.


2 I'm a Loser I'm a Loser

Great song. Strong, stinging and heartfelt lyrics by John!

I disagree completely with people who say Eight Days a Week was the only good song on this album, pretty much all the songs except Mr. Moonlight and Honey Don't are pretty awesome Beatles songs, here's my list:
1. I'm a Loser
2. Everybody's Trying to be my Baby
3. What You're Doing?
4. Words of Love
5. Baby's in Black

3 No Reply No Reply

Underrated song. - truckturner

This song describes the harsh reality of a failed relationship. The "I nearly died" part is extremely powerful. One of the Beatles best early songs.

4 I'll Follow the Sun

The most catchiest song on this whole album honestly. Eight Days a Week is little overrated in my opinion.

Eight Days a Week is the obvious choice, but this song is a hidden gem. - fidelcanojr

Eight Days a Week is the obvious show. This song is a hidden gem. - fidelcanojr

5 Every Little Thing
6 Baby's in Black

It’s not as good as Eight Days a Week or some of the others on this album, but the harmonies are just epic.

7 Rock and Roll Music

Written by Chuck Berry. Awesome cover. The other Chuck Berry song they did off With The Beatles, Roll Over Beethoven - westofohio

Hit #1 in more than 5 countries - westofohio

8 What You're Doing?

Beatiful Riff, very underrated.

Underrated. That's all. :(

9 Words of Love
10 Mr. Moonlight

Love this song! Not really my favorite on the album but totally shocked and disagree with the...let's say, lack of love, for the song on this page (although I agree that Honey Don't is not very good)

The most underrated song on the album. I don't understand the hate! - MontyPython

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11 Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!

The third best Beatles medley behind the Abbey Road Medley and the Good Morning Good Morning/Sgt. Pepper (Reprise)/A Day in the Life medley. This should be Number One! Besides, all Beatles covers are so underrated!

12 I Don't Want to Spoil the Party

Amazing energy, especially in the bridge. They rocked ther country and western thing they had going on this album. No Reply only challenger.

13 Honey Don't

This song deserves some love. It's pretty good, why do people hate it?

14 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
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1. Eight Days a Week
2. I'm a Loser
3. Rock and Roll Music
1. Mr. Moonlight
2. What You're Doing?
3. Rock and Roll Music
1. No Reply
2. Eight Days a Week
3. I'll Follow the Sun

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