Best Songs From Belinda Carlisle's Runaway Horses


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1 Summer Rain

My favorite track here. Also I loved music video so much. Belinda is our treasure - Irina2932

2 La Luna

Very beautiful but very underrated song. It was a huge hit in my country but never got international fame - Irina2932

3 Leave a Light On

Probably the most successful single from this album. Very nice song - Irina2932

4 Vision of You

This song has an acoustic feel to it with the Spanish guitar, 12 string and acoustic guitars, and the bongos and shaker. I love Belinda's vocals on this one as this is quite a romantic and mature song for Belinda to sing, and this song goes to show how well Belinda has grown in maturity and musically. In the beginning of the song, Belinda's voice quivers as she reminisces, and then her voice crescendos powerfully as she gets to the chorus, "Nobody's touch feels like your touch..." The best part is when she gets to, "How can a candle ever burn so bright?..." - shari_the_desirable

5 Runaway Horses

Honesty her best song on this album!

6 (We Want) The Same Thing
7 Valentine
8 Deep Deep Ocean
9 Shades of Michaelangelo
10 Whatever It Takes
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