Best Songs Between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters


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1 The Pretender The Pretender

The best the Foo Fighters have to offer

Yes just yes my favorite of all time foo fighter song finally getting recognition

Way better than can't stop

2 of my favorite bands collide in an epic battle of who's better. The world hasn't exploded yet...

2 Everlong Everlong

Best Foo Fighters song ever, just an amazing how emotional it is and how they could create such a beautiful atmosphere. Although The Pretender is a good song, it doesn't even come close to being as good as this song.

Ever long is simply a fantastic song not sure how the pretender is better than this it has got to be the best song evert

Such a great song.

3 Can't Stop Can't Stop

Wutt is wrong with this list?

It's A GOOD SONG by the way I'm IN SCHOOL

The best. No need to say anything more.

Only because I feel like every RHCP song should be above every Foo Fighter's song

4 Under the Bridge

Should be #1. I like Foo Fighters but I think the Chilli Peppers have a handful of songs better than their best, just my opinion though. - IsaacM

Hands down deserves to be #1. This song is just so genuine and perfect, from Anthony's poetic lyrics and Chad's calm drums, to John's Hendrix-like chord playing interacting with Flea's melodically played bass lines. All transitioning into a more emotional song near the end which fits perfectly with the beginning of the song.

This is number 1 out of all of these songs. Red Hot Chili Peppers could easily beat Foo Fighters - Rorywilbren

This by far is one of the chili's best songs to date. Almost Anthony's own way to saying goodbye to his past ways and beginning his new life. This song is just beautiful.

5 Californication

First comment? Huh. Well, Best. RHCP song. EVER!

Wait, Can't Stop outranks this? I'm calling witchcraft

Californication. that's all I have to say. Californication is life, its lyrics are a hauntingly beautiful story. My love fro this song will never be broken. RHCP for life

6 By the Way
7 Dani California

The drums on this song IS AMAZING! !

8 Best of You
9 Snow (Hey Oh)

Best song, best song.

How does this list make sense?
Its like comparing rolls Royce and Hyundai
Rhcp are legendary!, Foo Fighters are great but nowhere near rhcp man!

10 Learn to Fly

The Contenders

11 Otherside
12 My Hero
13 Rope

Best song from their best album wasting light love the Rush influence

14 Walk

This song's just mesmerizing. Grohl's vocal's too exquisite.

15 Around the World
16 Scar Tissue
17 All My Life

Just unique. I'm disspaointed to see this is number 18...

18 Give It Away
19 Wheels

My favourite two bands...
It's really hard to pick one out of all this amazing songs but this one should be in top 15

20 Soul to Squeeze
21 Monarchy of Roses
22 Wet Sand
23 Monkey Wrench
24 Dosed
25 Times Like These

How is this not in the top ten it is an amazing song the acoustic version is even better the lyrics the harmony this is one of the best Foo Fighters song ever

Love this song it's really good should be in top ten amazing guitar bass drums and singing

26 The Zephyr Song
27 Dark Necessities
28 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
29 Tell Me Baby
30 Venice Queen
31 I Could Have Lied
32 Bridge Burning

I like this song because UV the memerees

33 Aeroplane
34 Hey, Johnny Park!
35 Breakout

Haha... Someone put Breakout by Swing out Sister, check the picture before voting for it.

36 Breaking the Girl
37 She's Only 18
38 Slow Cheetah
39 True Men Don't Kill Coyotes
40 Congregation
41 Big Me
42 Good Time Boys
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1. Learn to Fly
2. Everlong
3. My Hero
1. By the Way
2. Scar Tissue
3. Californication
1. Under the Bridge
2. The Pretender
3. Dani California

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