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1 Love on Top

Great song and one of her best of her career! - survivorfan989

This one pumps me up. The only one on here to win a grammy.

This has to be next to "Best Thing I Never Had" Love on top is just flawless in every way like beyonce! I love love on top. Hehe.

2 Best Thing I Never Had

Beautiful song with lots of emotion and shows off her true ability

3 Countdown

Love it!

4 End of Time

Better than Best I Never Had, this track is absolutely amazing.

Love on top is my 1st but this is second - 23MACCAja

Great song - 23MACCAja

Underrated! - mood333

5 Run the World (Girls)

Sorry but this is obviously the „worst“ - PugsfromMoon

6 1+1
7 I Care
8 I Was Here
9 Party

Really good song to kick back and party to. I love Beyonce! - maoriBROWNZ

10 Start Over

This was the only masterpiece of the entire album. If Beyonce made her own Greatest Hits album, this is sure to be up there. - bishop.moore07

Why don't pepole like

The Contenders

11 Rather Die Young
12 Dance for You

Amazing track

13 Schoolin' Life

Love it!

14 Lay Up Under Me
15 I Miss You
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1. Love on Top
2. Run the World (Girls)
3. Countdown
1. Best Thing I Never Had
2. Countdown
3. Love on Top
1. End of Time
2. Lay Up Under Me
3. Rather Die Young

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