Best Songs From Big Time Rush's Album BTR

The Top Ten Best Songs From Big Time Rush's Album BTR

1 Til I Forget About You

I love btr and this song. Well, maybe this song was not the best song I've ever heard but I think the person who wrote this song is the best

This song is so catchy and relatable

James you have the best voice


2 Worldwide

Love this song and my favourite is Logan. He looks really cute in the video.

The best song ever from the best band ever.

The best song ever

Saw this one live... James Maslow is a awesome singer he ain't bad to look at either so are his friends, this song is diffenitly my favorite

3 Oh Yeah

This song is OK but not as good as halfway there or til I forget about you

4 Halfway There

has sense

5 Boyfriend

Kendall said that you're drinking a milkshake creator creator like she eats it and come this fortune then we laugh about it have a good time and join our milkshake - Kayla931

Boyfriend in the music video and Snoop Dogg and Big Time Rush singing at the future have a good time our video with Snoop Dogg - Kayla321

Of big time rush carlos is good singer I vote it nice sweet love it and big time rush

Big Time Rush is inviting Snoop Dogg in the year 2099 in LA - Kayla325

6 Nothing Even Matters


7 Big Night

I love big time rush so much! And I also love logan henderson and of course big time rush... I choose this song because I have a big night everyday!

8 City is Ours

Love the song! Love video! LOVE THE BOYZ <3
This song has so energy, the beats are just amazing. Gets me on my feet and makes me wanna party every time I hear!

9 I Know You Know
10 Count On You (Feat. Jordin Sparks)

The Contenders

11 Stuck
12 Big Time Rush

I just had a Big Time Rush... ;-)

It is the the best song out of all of them!

I love this song because of logan and kandell I love them

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