Best Songs from Billy Talent's Dead Silence

The best songs from the CANADIAN rock group Billy Talent's 2012 studio album "Dead Silence". Did I mention they're CANADIAN?

The Top Ten

1 Viking Death March

First 3 parts to Dead Silence are the best The lonely road to absolutin followed by THE best billy talent song yet which would be VDM then Surprise Surprise its just and all round gong show of an opening in my opinion the top 4 should go VDM, Surprise Surprise, Dead Silence, the Lonely Road to Absolution

2 Surprise Surprise
3 Runnin' Across the Tracks
4 Cure for the Enemy

Love the guitar work and Ian's vocals in the chorus

This is the best song on this album.. Deep song

5 Crooked Minds

Top quality song ere lads, should be higher up ngl

6 Love Was Still Around
7 Dead Silence

This song is best, ever

Same ♥

8 Don't Count On the Wicked
9 Lonely Road to Absolution
10 Hanging By a Thread

This Song is simply amazing. Nice guitar riff, nice vocals and the most beautiful song billy talent has ever made! Vote it up, it can completely outrun viking death march.

The Contenders

11 Swallowed Up by the Ocean
12 Man Alive!
13 Stand Up and Run

This should be number 3! Everyone vote for this!

How is this not top 10

14 Show Me the Way
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Top Remixes

1. Viking Death March
2. Surprise Surprise
3. Runnin' Across the Tracks
1. Runnin' Across the Tracks
2. Don't Count On the Wicked
3. Surprise Surprise
1. Viking Death March
2. Surprise Surprise
3. Don't Count On the Wicked


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