Best Songs From Black Eyed Peas' The E.N.D.


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1 Boom Boom Pow Boom Boom Pow

this song is a great song and has a catchy beat 2 it but I admit the most popular on this list is I gotta feeling but I think this should be first then I gotta feeling second and imma be third

Yo I got that hit to beat the block
Over with that base overload
I got that rock n roll the future flow
Let's see the visual spit
Next level visual...
I got that boom boom boom boom boom boom - lizard302

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2 I Gotta Feeling I Gotta Feeling

This is the greatest party song in a while and The Black Eyed Peas really step up to improve this song even better. The song has a great beat and vibe to it and builds up for the chorus which stands out a lot. This is The Black Eyed Peas' greatest song of all time.

The greatest song of its decade. And also the greatest party song I would say from the past 20 years. It is also the most downloaded song of all time on Itunes so tell me why you are reading my comment and not voted for this yet?

This song shows you why the album is the The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies) because this song is full of energy.

I Gotta Feeling this song would be could even before I had it and before my group of dace and djs did it 6 years ago I approve this feeling to be good THE BLACK EYED PEAS REAL BUZZ

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3 Meet Me Halfway Meet Me Halfway

I LOVE THIS SONG! Fergie has an amazing voice. She should use it a lot more than she does; she doesn't sing like she can most of the time. I love the beat and lyrics to this song too. This song should be at least the second or third...

It's good, but I think there are better songs. It really shows how good of a singer fergie is, but so do songs like Just Can't Get Enough from The Beginning. Great song, I just like others a bit more though.

should be number 1 in this list. Very cool, touching song. and the video was very nice - Magnolia

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4 Imma Be Imma Be

When I was little I used to think it was called "I'm a Bee" lol

Imma Be rocking to this song for sure it has some good lyrics and a great beat I aready listen to this it fact I upset imma gee does not have a lot of buzz at least it does no stingk lol

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5 Rock That Body Rock That Body
6 Alive Alive V 2 Comments
7 Showdown Showdown
8 Electric City Electric City

I listened to this this moring and couldn't belive how good it was - lizard302

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9 Ring-A-Ling Ring-A-Ling
10 Now Generation Now Generation

My favorite song from the END. Has some rock and hip hop elements mixed with pop. Very catchy. I love Will I am rapping about technology, it's a really cool idea.

My favourite part
Fergie: And I just can't wait! I need a little help from me
I SOUNDS SO COOL - lizard302

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11 Missing You Missing You
12 Party All the Time Party All the Time
13 Pump It Pump It V 2 Comments
14 Simple Little Melody Simple Little Melody

Why not this song?! It's amazing

15 Out of My Head Out of My Head
16 One Tribe One Tribe
17 Rockin' to the Beat Rockin' to the Beat
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