Best Songs From Black Veil Brides' Set the World On Fire

The Top Ten

1 Fallen Angels
2 The Legacy

My very favourite on the album. - EvilAngel

3 Rebel Love Song
4 Set the World On Fire

The best solo ever...

5 Die for You
6 Saviour
7 Ritual

Said this on another list, but this song means so much to me. I have anxiety disorder, and can't help but get down because of other people sometimes, and this song just gives me so much self confidence. Its basically just saying "don't care about what people say, be happy", and that's something I need to hear on a daily basis

8 New Religion
9 Youth & Whisky
10 Smoke and Mirrors

The Contenders

11 God Bless You
12 Love Isn't Always Fair
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