Best Songs From Black Veil Brides' We Stitch These Wounds


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1 Knives and Pens

Best song of all time and there's nothing more to describe it!

2 Sweet Blasphemy

Best song on this disc has so much meaning.

3 Perfect Weapon

My personal favourite. Perfect weapon features a catchy melody with clean vocals, but also has some of Andy unique screams. The guitar work is sublime, particularly the intro riff. If you like Pens and Knoves you'll probably like this. My favourite part, the "Bach Fugue" after the solos.

4 We Stitch These Wounds

Yes! My favorite song from the album!

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5 The Mortician's Daughter
6 Beautiful Remains

This song is really calming to me... Even though it talks about death.

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7 All Your Hate V 1 Comment
8 Carolyn V 1 Comment
9 Never Give In V 1 Comment
10 Heaven's Calling
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