Rocking With Regret: Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones By Black Veil Brides

christangrant Oh boy here we go again the last album i reviewed from this band was the worst rock i have ever heard but now the band has had a few years to try and get better. Now i know they did make a album before before this called "Set the World on Fire" but i'm not going to review that mainly because it's not worth talking about however one thing that album did do better than We Stitch these Wounds was the guitar playing was much better but still not that good. That album also saw a change in sound for Black Veil Brides as they went from a Metalcore/Screamo sound to a more Glam "metal" (i put metal in quotes because that album isn't metal) mixed with some elements from their previous album which carried over to this album which i will be reviewing today. Let's get the facts out of the way first.

Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones is the third studio album by Black Veil Brides and was released through Lava Records/ Universal Republic Records on January 8th 2013. This album get this... is a ROCK OPERA CONCEPT ALBUM, which means this album is included with albums like Tommy and Quadrophenia by The Who, American Idiot by Green Day, and The Wall by Pink Floyd which all of the albums i mentioned are better than this abomination of a album and don't deserve to be compared to this album. I'm going to go track by track to show you why this album sucks and why its is the worst rock concept album of all time.


Since this is a concept album their is going to be alot of short tracks that just lead to the next so theirs probably not going to be much to talk about for these tracks so with that in mine this short track sucks its just a spoken word song thats boring and very typical movie style words so yeah this short track sucks but at leats it's short.
Rating 6/10

I Am Bulletproof:

The first real song on the album and i have to admit the guitar playing here is huge step up from the last album i listened to and even the vocals got somewhat better but this song is Ok it's not that great but i'd rather listen to this song than all the songs on We Stitch These Wounds.
Rating 7/10

New Years Day:

I have to admit the guitar player on this album is actually pretty good the problem is he is just underused he could play so much better stuff if he wasn't in Black Veil Brides which honestly he should just leave the band and join another band that will use his but t talent alot more but anyway this song sucks and is a huge step down from the last song it's back to more awful vocals from Andy Biersack but to be fair while i do think this song is bad it's not the worst thing i have ever heard.
Rating 6/10

F.E.A.R. Transmission 1: Stay Close:

Already another spoken word track is it any better than the last one? The answer to that is no it still sucks it manges to make classical instruments seem annoying.
Rating 6/10

Wretched and Divine:

Here we go the title track and it sucks just like the last real song it just seems like what a normal modern hard rock song would sound like but with awful vocals done by Andy Biersack and overall is a bad song because its nothing special which i wouldn't mind if the vocals were good but they aren't at least the guitar work is somewhat descent but again the guitar player could do so much better.
Rating 7/10

We Don't Belong:

Yes Black Veil Brides you don't belong in a list of best rock bands of the 21st century because you haven't made one good album yet. This song is just like the last song it sounds like any modern hard rock song you would hear on the radio but to be fair the vocals here weren't as bad as the last song but they aren't anything special. So in conclusion this song is meh.
Rating 7/10

F.E.A.R. Transmission 2: Trust.

Another short song that sucks and is grabbing me into the concept at all i mean if you are going to make these songs you have to make the person interested in the concept and i'm not intrested in this concept and honstley i don't even know what it's supposed to be.
Rating 6/10

Devil's Choir:

Eh this song is another bad generic song i mean this is a concept album your supposed to sound unique and different from your other albums and yet all they have done is a traditional modern hard rock sound that you would get from a song off the radio not to else to really say but the guitar players talent is wasted once again.
Rating 6/10

Resurrect the Sun:

This song is the end of act 1 which is called hope and this song is a terrible song it's trying to sound like Slipknot in the beginning which i'm not the biggest fan of Slipknot but they are certainly better than Black Veil Brides and the it goes to a descent guitar riff but too bad it doesn't last very long oh and i must mention the vocals in this song are awful Andy cannot sing soft songs because he sounds all whiny and just bad so so far this is the worst song of the album and a terrible act closer.
Rating 5/10


Now we are on act 2 which is called Faith ok but the title of this short song is already a bad sign since most concept albums start with a song titled Overture so Black Veil Brides just copied other people. Anyway out of all the short tracks this is the best once since it's just classical instruments which aren't that great but they are descent enough.
Rating 7/10

Shadows Die:

Oh my this song is pretty bad its just the same guitar riff repeated over and over and is just another generic hard rock song not much else to say but this song sucks and sounds like they are trying to ripoff a Avenged Sevenfold song which Avenged Sevenfold while not that good of a band is miles ahead of Black Veil Brides.
Rating 5/10


14 seconds of pointless spoken words
Rating 5/10

Days are Numbered (Featuring Bret McCraken)

Eh this song's riff is meh the vocals here are bad and again is trying to sound like any other modern hard rock song just with an awful singer and overall is a bad song and the featured guest might as well not even be on this song he sings like a few lines and that's it.
Rating 6/10

Done for You:

Oh god a piano ballad with some of the worst vocals in all of rock did they not learn from the last album that Andy plus soft songs doesn't work but yet they still kept on doing for this album and this song is the worst song on the album because theirs nothing good about it but at least it was shorter and way better than "The Mortician's Daughter" from the first album which is one of the worst rock songs ever made.
Rating 3/10

Nobody's Hero:

Another song of them trying to be Avenged Sevenfold which doesn't work and just makes the song sound just like any modern hard rock song. Oh yeah and your definitely Nobody's Hero Black Veil Brides because you are one of the worst bands in the rock genre.
Rating 6/10

Lost It All:

You didn't lose anything Black Veil Brides so why are you making a soft song thats trying to be emotional with a vocalist who can't sing these kinds of songs without sounding terrible. i don't why people say this is an emotional ballad that makes them cry every time because this ballad sounds just like any other ballad but to be fair this is actually better than Done For You because at least it trys to be emotional and Andy sounds way better here but this song isn't good it's just meh.
Rating 7/10

F.E.A.R. Transmission 3: As War Fades:

This is another bad spoken word track that doesn't interest you into the story and anyway and is basically just filler like the rest of them.
Rating 6/10

In the End:

Oh boy here we go the most famous song from this album and this song is considered the best song Black Veil Brides ever made and what do i think well at least they tried their hardest to make this song sound good and to be fair i do think this is the best song of the album but that being said it's still not that great. If you want to listen to a song called In the End go listen to either Linkin Park's Anthrax's or Rush's song of the same name not this song by Black Veil Vrides but to be fair it is their best song.
Rating 7/10

F.E.A.R: Final Transmission:

The final song on this album is just another one of those Spoken word songs that are supposed to tell the story but overall is just a waste of an ending song. because it's boring.
Rating 6/10

so now with this album over let's see what the final score of this album is.

so 7(x6) + 6(x9) + 5(x3) + 3 = 114 - 90 = 24

Album Rating 24/100

This album is barley better than We Stitch these Wounds only because some of the song son it were descent but so much talent was wasted on this album and for a concept album its supposed to grip you into the story but this album ends up just adding in spoken word tracks just for filler and honestly this album should have only been 10 or 12 songs long but not 19. And overall this is the worst rock concept album of all time do not listen to this album go listen to a much better rock opera like The Wall by Pink Floyd , Tommy and Quadrophenia by The Who or American Idiot those are all great albums and way better than this album is.
This is the end of the review thanks for reading and good day to ya.


Good job on the post. I'm working on lyrics for a concept album called Historical Tragedies. I just don't have any music for it yet or a band to make the album. I'm friends with some instrument players, even if they play jazz instruments instead of metal instruments besides one whose a drummer. - Skullkid755