Best Songs from Blink 182's Dude Ranch


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1 Dammit Dammit

I have always loved this song, hearing it on the radio all the time as a kid. I grew up listening to it and its such a comforting song. It's very catchy and and faces the inevitable, growing up.

This song exemplifies Blink firing on all cylinders. The instruments are perfect and it's a great showcasing of Mark's vocals.

I think these top 3 songs are amazing, I think this album is very underrated. Dammit has the best guitar riff and mark is perfectly suited for this song

Well, I guess this is growing up!

2 Josie Josie

Such a great song. She brings me Mexican food from sombrero just because. You can really tell that they had no label in this song/album. Perfection!

Guys, this song is sitting at number 41 on Blink-182's greatest songs list, go there and vote this song, it must be MUCH higher. Go Go Go!

This songs the shiz

3 Dick Lips Dick Lips

If I could masturbat to any song, this would be it.

Very catchy, although the vocals are too quiet

So catchy

4 Voyeur

Love this song so much, funny lyrics, not the best on the album but deserves to be higher!

"I'd eat her out if she were on my dinner plate" Best line

Voyeur is a great song one dude ranch and its

5 Degenerate

I love this song. Should be top 3. The fast chorus mixed with the slower verses really makes this song great to listen to. Vote for this to push it up.

6 Apple Shampoo

Love this song so much, one of my fave blink songs!

My favorite Blink 182 song. - Dunsparcity

7 Pathetic

This and dammit and Josie and dick lips and untitled tie

This is real punk second best song ever behind Adams song

8 Boring
9 Emo

The most nostalgic blink song for me, that octave chromatic run on th the guitar before the break/bass solo, is amazing

Very underrated should be way higher

Come on this an AMAZING SONG should be higher than apple shampoo maybe
But every blink song is amazing vote it higher please

10 Enthused

My personal favourite!

My favourite

The Contenders

11 I'm Sorry

My favorite Blink-182 song of all time. Deserves way higher.

How is this third to last? A little disappointed that nobody loves this song, but I really like it.

I don't understand how this is so low this should be top 7!

Should be in top 3!

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12 Untitled

Very underrated song, it's in my top 3 along with Dammit and Emo, Tom also plays this insane live!

So underrated, what a shame.

My favorite blink song in general. It's strikes the perfect balance between their angsty pop-punk and excellent vocal melodies.

Very underrated song. Top 5 worthy

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13 A New Hope

This song's melody, instrumentals, and symbolism should be enough to bring this song higher on the list! - ZVoltageZ

Princess Leia where are you?

14 Lemmings

This song is beautiful. The lyrics are amazing. Its one of my all-time favorites.

How this is so low down is insulting

15 Waggy

Best song on d.r

16 Dog Lapping
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