Best Songs From Blink 182's Enema of the State


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1 What's My Age Again?

Love this song

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2 Adam's Song

Best song, love the intro and even better is the interlude after Mark sings "you'll be sorry when I'm gone".

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3 All the Small Things

My favorite song of all-time! What's My Age Again is pretty good too.

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4 Dysentery Gary

This is my favorite blink song. It should be in the top 3 on this list. This song is very relatable, catchy, and original. Vote for this song.

So catchy and relatable, it is unique and I love how fast the chorus is, gives you a sense of acheivement when you learn all the words!

The top 5 should include this, Adam's
Song, Dumpweed, All the Small Things, and

What's My
Again. - EthansProfile

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5 Dumpweed

Next to Dysentery Gary, this is an underrated Blink-182 song that deserves attention

One of the best guitar riffs in all of enema of the state this song is the most underrated song on this album next to dysentary Gary.

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6 The Party Song

Such an amazing song, so much fun and all the teenage awesomeness that is blink-182.
I really love this song it always brings a smile to my face.

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9 Anthem

This song is such an epic closer and an epic song in general! One of the best drum and bass parts in their catalogue - mistertopten

Great. My two favorite songs on the album are the two lowest. Wonderful.

12th? This song is so underatted, vote!

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10 Wendy Clear

Under-rated. not as much as dysentery and dumpweed though. top 8 worthy

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The Contenders

11 Don't Leave Me

Mark's favorite song

I love this song I don't know why

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12 Mutt UListen to Sample
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1. Dysentery Gary
2. Adam's Song
3. What's My Age Again?
1. What's My Age Again?
2. Adam's Song
3. Dumpweed
1. Dysentery Gary
2. Wendy Clear
3. All the Small Things

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