Best Songs From Blink-182's Take Off Your Pants & Jacket

The Top Ten

1 Stay Together for the Kids

This song... Oh God it's perfect. The lyrics are beautiful too and Mark and Tom's voices are touching.

How is this number 7? This belongs in the top three at least. - EthansProfile

Guitar riff at the start is flawless, Tom DeLonge is a Genius

Best, awesome song by blink

2 First Date

Close call due to every song being awesome on this album but First Date has to be number one I think, its one of those songs that you don't get sick of listening to and it is just as good as the first time hearing it.

Man, when I first listened to it was awesome that it made play it death

This, story of a lonley guy, the rock show, stay together for the kids and the anthem part 2 are the best of this album. But first date is the stand out.

This is my all time favorite Blink 182 song

3 The Rock Show
4 Anthem Part Two

So close to the top ten! Best song!

My top 9 favorite Blink 182 song. - Dunsparcity

5 Reckless Abandon

So catchy and fun, find my self listening to this more then every other song on the anthem, though they are all great!

This song should resonably be in the top 5. But I honestly think it should be number one. What the f***. Seriously, this song is amazing. A lot of these songs aren't even from take off your pants and jacket, their bonus tracks, so they don't even count. This list isn't very accurate.

6 Story of a Lonely Guy

It's just pure genius

7 Shut Up

'Shut Up' is such a powerful song, and anyone who's ever been a teenager before will surely relate to this. This is one of the most underrated blink songs of all time in my opinion.

One of my favorite songs ever by them!

8 Online Songs

It's fast, fun, and catchy.. PERFECT combo for a blink song!

So catchy, cheers me up every time

My favorite blink song

9 Roller Coaster

This song is magic, it opens with one of the coolest Guitar riffs of all time!

10 Every Time I Look for You

Catchy and memorable song, but not quite as good as Stay Together For the Kids.

American pie 2

The Contenders

11 Mother's Day
12 What Went Wrong

Best song

13 Happy Holidays, You Bastard
14 Please Take Me Home

One of the most underrated blink songs - jwp19

At least op 5

I use tol isten this on repeat when I was 8 for ages

15 Give Me One Good Reason
16 F*** a Dog

Some people like animals in other ways and that's ok

Muy caliente

17 Time to Break Up

Needs to be higher. Anyone who has gone through a break up can relate to this song.

Song has helped me through so much. Their best.

18 When You F***** Grandpa
19 (Hold On) Don't Tell Me That It's Over
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