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1 This Modern Love This Modern Love

I heard this song in How I Met Your Mother season1 and the episode was "come on". This song enters when Ted makes it rain and goes out for Robin and both end up together and then it also plays when it is shown at the end of the episode where we see that Lily called of the wedding and there was a depressed Marshall sitting. Great song drumming was great and the bass and guitar were also spectacular.

I heard it first on How I Met Your Mother and I have been hooked ever since. Everything about this song is perfect, the guitar riffs, the drums and finally the message this song conveys to the listeners. It should be number 1 without a doubt

The last 2 minutes of the song made me cry the first few times I heard them. Even today they give me goosebumps every time. Simply amazing.

Heard this on How I Met Your Mother and loved it. The chorus gives me chills every single time without fail. Possibly the best song by Bloc Party.

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2 Hunting for Witches Hunting for Witches

Again another song like the prayer but In my opinion I think they managed to make this song raw but also keep that guitar sound from many tracks off of silent alarm.

I don't know why is it at 6th position doubtless one of their best songs, should be between the first three if ain't the best at least the second best of em

Although Weekend in the City wasnt too good compared to silent alarm, its still a damn good song and pretty catchy.

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3 Blue Light Blue Light

This song is interesting how its slow in parts and fast in others but on the whole is a very relaxing song and very clear lyrics, and a memorable melody.

4 Like Eating Glass Like Eating Glass

Crazy guitar effects, drumming insanity, and perfection of bass timing. All kept in a subtle tone. This song is 1 on my list of songs of all time.

Listened to this on repeat for 2 hours during a commute from London to Wales. Still haven't grown tired. Silent alarm is a fantastic album.

Simply amazing it doesn't get any better than this bloc party is one of the few groups today that could actually jam out

Awesome song for working out to, as its really uplifting, and probably has the best drumming I have ever heard.

5 Signs Signs

This is their best song.
So Here We Are is also really good.

6 Kreuzberg Kreuzberg

Another one like Sunday. The melody just gets under your skin and makes you feel nostalgic for something you can't quite make out

Such a chilled and relaxed song, emotional to. Simply perfect

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7 Flux Flux

I love how flux is an interesting take at a slight variation on their tunes by somewhat mixing dance and indie, Also great lyrics in the chorus and fun music video.

8 We Are Not Good People We Are Not Good People
9 Sunday Sunday

This song really makes you feel things. The melody gives such a somber yet good feeling


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? Banquet Banquet

This song is just the meaning of cool, the song builds and builds and leaves with you with the same great lasting impression even if your hearing it for the hundredth time.

I could hear it a thousand time and still shaking my head

top banger

? Helicopter Helicopter

The best guitar riff Bloc Party have ever written along with the weirdest lyrics to go along with it. Great song, number 1 easily. Banquet 2nd.

fantastic song and really kickass drummin. wow

This is their best song but "The Prayer" should be 2nd on this list not 7th!

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11 Octopus Octopus

Love the breathing/panting at the start. The background frantic riff going on throughout the song is a plus.

It's damn shame that it ranks 28. Should be at least top ten.

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12 Waiting for the 7:18 Waiting for the 7:18
13 I Still Remember I Still Remember

Simply because the riff that plays at the start stays true throughout the whole song, and probably has the most memorable chorus out of them all.

14 The Prayer The Prayer

I think bloc party really showed their raw creative side with this song but still kept true to their roots and seamlessly made the whole song flow.

Such an underrated song, the chorus is fantastic. So is the intro.

Its better than The Once and Future King. So it deserves to be in atlest in the top 5.

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15 Skeleton

Represents the soul of Bloc Party: nice short riffs, dance, power song.

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16 Song For Clay (Disappear Here) Song For Clay (Disappear Here)

Amazing intro, some weird but cool lyrics. Nice song to replay.

This song pumps me up!

17 Two More Years Two More Years

Again another one of bloc party's that starts great and retains that greatness throughout. Also the best intro to a song ever.

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18 Ratchet Ratchet V 3 Comments
19 The Once and Future King

Glorious guitar rhythms coupled with fun, energizing drum patterns. That's already enough to get me hooked.

Anyone know what album this is on? It's by far my favourite and isn't even on iTunes!

20 Little Thoughts Little Thoughts

My fave because its got a great melody, base everything. Also although I like bloc party's newer stuff I love how this song represents their roots and its like a throwback to bands like Sum 41, blink 182. I love how the guitar is obvious with that obvious riff which remains in the chorus and even the build up and end.

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