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21 Little Thoughts

My fave because its got a great melody, base everything. Also although I like bloc party's newer stuff I love how this song represents their roots and its like a throwback to bands like Sum 41, blink 182. I love how the guitar is obvious with that obvious riff which remains in the chorus and even the build up and end.

22 Truth
23 The Once and Future King

Glorious guitar rhythms coupled with fun, energizing drum patterns. That's already enough to get me hooked.

Anyone know what album this is on? It's by far my favourite and isn't even on iTunes!

24 Compliments

Really awesome a must listen song

25 So Here We Are

There's so much grace in this song. The intro's also magnificent. I'm just surprised why isn't this song in the top 10!

I think this is the most beautiful song off Silent Alarm. So underrated.

My favorite Bloc Party song.

26 Positive Tension

SHOULD BE WAY HIGHER. That last minute or so is incredible!

27 Uniform
28 One Month Off V 2 Comments
29 The Pioneers

This is hands down my most favorite Bloc Party song. Like a whipped warhorse, Kele's singing develops a frenzy speed, Tong's drumming and all three guitars are perfectly spot on driving the song to a wonderful climax. However for me it's the lyrics that steal the show: they create an atmosphere so dense that you can nearly touch them. Perfect 10 out of 10 song

"So here we are reinventing the wheel" - a lyric that references a latter track on the album but more importantly show what Bloc Party contribute to the music industry in terms of redefining indie rock of the past decade. Intimacy is the only blemish on this band, but AWITC provided perhaps one of the greatest songs of all time - Kreuzberg. Such an underrated song. This and The Pioneers are exemplar compositions that are often overlooked by catchy singles Helicopter and Banquet

30 Kettling

Guitar solo ranks up them amongst the classics, even though its short it's a quality piece

V 1 Comment
31 Luno

Amazing tense, about-to-burst song fuelled by moakes's fat rattling 100mph bass line, Lissacks spacious yet razor sharp guitar, that could easily make heads roll, Tong's (now notorious) machine gun/bulldozer/spastic transformer drums and of course... Mr.okereke, his vocals swaggering, snarling and soaring throughout the whole song, even stating his identity as the oracle he is "I can heal the blind, I can cure the sick" he cries. This is Bloc Party at it's best. Not to mention the curdling, lyrical meaning tucked tightly beneath the prickly layer of the song, recalling a cocaine addiction that starts to get in the way of social and family life and eventually defining the character featured as a selfish, vexed, addicted being who assumingly does not leave the addiction. This is Bloc Party at it's deepest, sharpest and most lyrically strongest and shows us they have a lot more ammunition than merely "Helicopter" and "Banquet"...and they're certainly not afraid to fire it.

It's easily their best for a deliberate listener. The chords struck from 2:06 on in its bridge part sure make for the best "punk" riff of the year.
Accompanied by the background singing of "Luno" you start leaning into the groove until Tong pushes it all around perfectly with his diminished/layed back drum/cymbals part in the actual chorus. A spot on vocal line and powerful guitars get you moved like in an rollercoaster.
Only pity: 4 min. passing in literally no time while you can't wait for the two short bursts of melodic perfection.
That's how true gems work. I'm not a fan but I bow down to that -so underrated- smash hit.

32 One More Chance
33 Straight Thru Cru
34 Price of Gasoline
35 V.A.L.I.S

V.A.L.I. S should be at least in the top ten.

It should have been the lead single.

36 Mercury
37 Real Talk V 1 Comment
38 She's Hearing Voices
39 Ion Square

My favorite song by Bloc Party!
The lyrics are so beautiful and I love how the fast tempo is strangely very emotional. Love this song too much!

2nd "So Here We Are" and 3rd "Helicopter"

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40 Version 2.0

This song should be in the Top Ten! Great vocals, great guitar riff, the music is great!

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