Best Songs On Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony and Phobia

The Top Ten

1 Breath - Phobia

Amazing - Deathshield18

2 The Diary of Jane - Phobia

Fantastic - Deathshield18

3 Crawl - Dear Agony

I love this song - Deathshield18

4 Give Me a Sign - Dear Agony
5 Dear Agony - Dear Agony
6 Evil Angel - Phobia
7 I Will Not Bow - Dear Agony
8 Had Enough - Phobia
9 You - Phobia
10 Hopeless - Dear Agony

So aggressive and melodic at the same time. The reason why I think breaking Benjamin ( together with linkin park and three days Grace) is one of the best alternative metal band ever - Deathshield18

The Contenders

11 Until the End - Phobia
12 Without You - Dear Agony
13 Dance With the Devil - Phobia
14 Lights Out - Dear Agony

This song is the first song I ever heard by them. It's the reason I'm a huge fan now!

Very heavy song from Breaking Benjamin, it's great.

15 Topless - Phobia

What, this is an absolute banger? Why is this so low?

16 What Lies Beneath - Dear Agony
17 Into the Nothing
18 Fade Away - Dear Agony
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