Best Songs From Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony


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1 Give Me a Sign Give Me a Sign

I love every single song on this album, but this is definitely #1. Without You is easily in the top 5 best songs on the album, but this has to be the #1 spot.

This song just makes me cry. Breaking Benjamin is few of the musicians who actually write with emotions and true feelings. Every time I hear this song, it makes me feel that this SONG is alive. I can really cry hearing this song. I mean, seriously.

Should be #1, beat BB song

This song belongs on the #1 spot - ethanwakeman

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2 Without You Without You

Every song on Dear Agony is amazing. This album is, in my opinion, the most powerful and emotional album to date. It is incredible, and is my joint favourite album ever.
All eleven of these songs are incredible, Without You is a powerful and brilliant song, and as well as that I also voted for it because it is below where it should be on this list. - EvilAngel

3 Crawl Crawl

Bet song by far, most of the rest are way too emo

This is the best song on the album, 2nd being either Fade Away or I Will Not Bow.

4 I Will Not Bow

This is better than whatever - unknown-soldier

This song gives you the strength to push through whatever tough time you're having and prove to the world that it can't pull you down, without resorting the soppy promises that other songs like this often try to make - you can believe it all the way.

5 Dear Agony

This song... It's so... Emotional... I don't know how to put it really... It makes me feel so calm and makes me look around to see how lucky I have my life...

This song helped me survive. The lyrics are a perfect representation of the plea to life that many of us have at tough times and yet can't put into words. Completely believable and impossible to not relate to.

This is my favorite Breaking Benjamin song - bobbythebrony

6 What Lies Beneath

Deserves a better position than this, What Lies Beneath is amazing. Especially that beautiful intro. - EvilAngel

LOVE this song very much - BREAKING94

This song means a lot for me.

7 Hopeless

Great song one of there best

I Voted For This To be Higher I Want This At No 2!
1) Give me A Sign
2) Hopeless
4) Into The Nothing
5) Fade Away - ABD33

8 Lights Out

This is a joke right? Why is this not the highest?

This is probably the best BB song on this album. So powerful and addictive. - 05yusuf09

Lights Out is probably the best song on this album because the tune and chorus are so addictive and the guitars, bass, drums and vocals... Everything else is perfect. I'm listen to this song over and over. Absolutely awesome song, even my favorite BB song :D - 05yusuf09

9 Anthem of the Angels

This song kicks ass! Listen before you vote people. As a true fan of breaking benjamin, this is great! RIP Breaking Benjamin. Reunite again Breaking Benjamin! Every bands can make mistakes. You guys were just one of them. You guys can gather again and do much more better!

10 Into the Nothing

My favorite song from Dear Agony, and probably my favorite Breaking Benjamin song overall! The intro really hooks you and makes you not wanna stop listening and the lyrics can really be related to as well! I can jam to the whole Dear Agony album 24/7, especially Into the Nothing!

This song is too underrated.

This song is so underrated - ethanwakeman

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11 Fade Away

There's no breaking benjamin song that deserves to be at the bottom... - unknown-soldier

This song is pure excellence the riffs are perfect and the chorus is amazing

The Song Is The Perfect Alternative Rock Song. Love The Chorus.

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