Best Songs On Bring Me the Horizon's Sempiternal

Best songs on the fourth studio album by Bring Me The Horizon, Sempiternal.

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1 Shadow Moses

Shadow Moses is so awesome. The drumming and bass is absolutely awesome, in particular in the intro and instrumental parts of this song. This is definitely one of the best songs by BMTH. - EvilAngel

Definitely the best song off the album in my opinion, gives me goosebumps!

Best song from Sempiternal by far!

2 Sleepwalking

Rightfully deserves the number 1 spot! Its unlike anything they've ever written, and the lyrics are amazing, hell, it still gives me goosebumps listening to it.

The most commercial song on the album and will be their next single. Confirmed by the band.

I think that this is the best song of sempiternal

Great song and I love Oli's Voice in this song

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3 Can You Feel My Heart

Lyrics and beat/rhythm = AMAZING

This song got me hooked on BMTH. It is amazing and it starts off soft and ominous but has a strong finish marking this as the best song in the album. The lyrics go deep within you to bring you a complete feeling inside yourself...

Beat is sick but combined with drums it is a masterpiece

The song that got me to listen to BMTH

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4 The House of Wolves

I love the lyrics of this song and the how the lyrics are about how they feel about religion. Also the guitar riffs and the breakdown is so good.

I love the guitar riffs and the way that Oli expresses himself, this should be #1

Obviously my favorite from sempiternal...

No way! This probably like... 2nd best song of all BMTH! After It Never Ends, obviously, but still! How it can be 5th on Sempiternal?! - Mixer

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5 Hospital for Souls

Very deep and meaningful; my favorite

Really surprised that this is #6. The lyrics are amazing, and it's quite different from majority of the songs on the album. One of my favorites!

Lyrics are so powerful and you can tell it means a lot to oli

Surely my favorite one, needs to be #1

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6 Go to Hell, for Heavens Sake

There is something really haunting about the opening passage of this song, and the rest if the song is just as emotionally fuelled. Funnily enough, it used to be my least favourite of each of the singles.

You're not a shepherd, you're just a sheep.

This song should be at least in the top 3!

My favorite from Sempiternal.

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7 And the Snakes Start to Sing

The song is very catchy and although it is not some of their hardest work, it is an epic piece that talks about stooping down to the lowest of the low

Love this original and meaningful song! I'm listening to it in every mood

This is my number 1 favorite song by them while we speak I'm always listening to this song

Sleepwalking and Go2hell4heaven's sake are simply awesome, but this one is one of the most unique songs I have ever heard. I find it aggressive, romantic, meaningful and memorable. It's an addiction! Sempiternal really rocks m/

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8 Empire (Let Them Sing)

It is the best on the album. It is catchy, and yet still hard. It keeps their sounds closer to what they had it but improving by a million!

The deeper you dig.. The darker you get

9 Anti-vist

I love the pulse and the guitar riffs. One of my favorite songs on the album and it is a brilliant song for running.

2nd Best Song ON The Album Middle Fingers Up If You don't Give A F***!

10 Crooked Young

Such a underrated song, the rhythm remember me sleepwalking a little bit

My favourite on the album!

Just listen to it!

My top three:
3: Sleepwalking
2: Hospital for Souls

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11 Seen It All Before

I used to always skip this song but after actually listening to it properly, it is now one of my favourite songs by them.

I've even addicted to this song since the album came out I've listened to it over 400 times according to iTunes

Needs to be higher up... One of my favorites from them

12 Deathbeds

The best track on the album even though it was only released as a bonus track

Such a deep, meaningful, and overally an amazing song, sounds amazing and is underrated

Best song on the cd

13 Chasing Rainbows
14 Join the Club

Love this song so much

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1. Shadow Moses
2. Sleepwalking
3. The House of Wolves
1. Hospital for Souls
2. Deathbeds
3. And the Snakes Start to Sing
1. Shadow Moses
2. The House of Wolves
3. Can You Feel My Heart

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