Best Songs from Britney Spears' Femme Fatale


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1 Till the World Ends Till the World Ends

With no doubt the best from the album and one of the best from her lately, a great song with a rich musical variety, so let's dance Till the World Ends - MatrixGuy

2 Hold It Against Me Hold It Against Me V 1 Comment
3 I Wanna Go I Wanna Go

This song is so much catchier and better than hold it against me. This should be number one. Hold it against me is kind of depressing. I used to think that the old Britney was better than the new one until I heard this song. It's so underrated.

I like 3 songs, Till the world ends, Seal it with a kiss and I wanna go. but I like I wanna go the most. I think it will be the next single from the album. its the forth track on the album so it has a good chance to be a single

I WANNA GO is such an addictive song! Love the catchy chorus and naughty lyrics haha! I-I-I WANNA GO-O-O ALL THE WAY

The song, the lyrics, the voice, the video, the look. ALL AMAZING!

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4 Criminal Criminal

I still think Britney's 1999-2003 music was 100x better. "Femme Fatale" is so mainstream record. I choose this song because it sounds different compared to all others - Alexandr

criminal is one of the best britney's songs and one of the best song ever
in second I really like inside out he about to lose me hold it against me

This is the best song of britney.. It has variety and I think it should get a higher postion.. At least in 2nd postion it's much better than inside out & plus it's a type of music.. Which is totally COOL! I think guys you better vote 4 this track...

5 Inside Out Inside Out
6 He About to Lose Me He About to Lose Me

Ok I think this song is not that famous cause if it was it would have been at 2nd place afte till the world ends

7 (Drop Dead) Beautiful V 1 Comment
8 Gasoline Gasoline

Gasoline should be number one!

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9 Trip to Your Heart Trip to Your Heart

It makes me feel happy :) its such a nice song. Sure it's mostly Autotune but at least Britney uses it in a way that makes it sound nice rather than ear piercing and annoying!

10 How I Roll How I Roll

Very unique but impossible to dislike.

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11 Up N' Down Up N' Down
12 Trouble for Me Trouble for Me

So underrated and so catchy! Different than the rest of the album, amazing beat and the speaking part is amazing!

13 Big Fat Bass Big Fat Bass
14 Don't Keep Me Waiting Don't Keep Me Waiting
15 Seal It With a Kiss Seal It With a Kiss

I like the moaning part of the song "uh huh"
That's so catchy!
Basically FF's song are all catchy
And they sounds bright enough, totally the opposite to Blackout (a different, darker style, but also fantastic), that I listen to it again and again!
Oops... I played this song again!

This is one of my favorite songs from Britney Spears. It has good lyrics, a good beat, and you can sing along! Vote for Seal It With A Kiss, by Britney Spears. Vote now! Get it to be number one!

Wanna taste forbidden fruit, LOVE IT! The beat is awesome too, my all time favourite...

16 Scary

The best song from this album, who didn't listen to this yet, betta listen, it's great!

Cool. Written by Britney and this deserved to be a single.

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17 Selfish Selfish

Very sick song and The beat is really great

This song is reálky sick for me, I love it si much and beat is great too

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