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1 Your Betrayal

Awesome song, definitely number 1 of this list. Pretty On The Outside, Bittersweet Memories and The Last Fight would come second, third and fourth for me, but Your Betrayal is definitely best. The drumming in particular is incredible. Your Betrayal is the only other song by Bullet that can come close to Tears Don't Fall for me. - EvilAngel

Your Betrayal is AMAZING. The Last Fight is a brilliant song but please put Your Betrayal back where it belongs, every song on this album is brilliant, it's an amazing album, but Your Betrayal is the very best on the album, and I think it's their best song along with Tears Don't Fall. Epic song. - EvilAngel

EASILY the best song on the album, the last fight has NOTHING on this! This is the best metal song of 2010 and Bullet For My Valentine's best ever song along with Tears Don't Fall.

Awesome track! In my opinion it's better than tears don't fall.

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2 The Last Fight
3 Alone

This song's really good, especially the intro is awesome

4 Pretty on the Outside

This song and "4 Words" from "The Poison" album are the best!
They have the best lyrics I've ever heard!
Just listen to this music and vote for it!
Go Bullet For My Valentine! - mehas

5 Begging for Mercy

DRAIN YOUR BLOOD, WATCH IT POOOURRR m/ m/ so heavy - KMalik993

6 Bittersweet Memories
7 Pleasure and Pain

Seriously hear this song guys! It has an amazing riff,the best I've heard of Bullet For My Valentine and its fast paced. Awesome song! Definitely one of the best ever of Bullet For My Valentine. I can't stop listening to it! :D - Saurabh508

8 Fever
9 Dignity

Should be like in #5

10 A Place Where You Belong

This song will never get old! Pretty much the perfect bullet song except theirs no metal riff like waking the demon!

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11 Breaking Out, Breaking Down
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1. Your Betrayal
2. Pretty on the Outside
3. Alone
1. Begging for Mercy
2. Your Betrayal
3. Bittersweet Memories
1. Fever
2. The Last Fight
3. Pleasure and Pain

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