Best Songs On Bullet for My Valentine's Temper Temper

Best song from Bullet For My Valentine's 4th studio album called Temper Temper. (For those confused about Tears Don't Fall part 2, there is a part 2 to it on their fourth album, even though the original was on their first studio album).

The Top Ten

1 Tears Don't Fall, Pt. 2

This song is not nearly as great as part 1, but still a fantastic song

Really the second part just come to par level but couldn't own the place for the "best" TEARS DON'T FALL...
Tears don't fall deserves the place... Best of all tracks out till date via Bullet For My Valentine...
You rock... You drive me on... You make me energized...

Can't wait to hear this song! I hope it is as good as the first one! This is probably the most highly anticipated song from Temper Temper! Temper Temper is a greeat song too and Riot has a great solo but Bullet have got to make this song a good one!

It's GoD. Good work Bullet For My Valentine, it's something diff. From the past version...

2 P.O.W.

What a brilliant song.
What an AMAZING song.

P.O. W comes so close to being top of this list. It is like a cross between a more ballad Bullet song like Bittersweet Memories, and a more punchy one like Pretty On The Outside.
This song is perfect. It is slower than the other songs on this album, and allows there to be a lot of emotion and power. This song is honestly beautiful.P.O. W and Tears Don't Fall part 2 are by far the two best and most standout songs on this album.

(By the way, the name of this song is P.O. W, not Pow. I think the name is probably the only thing wrong with this song, because it's a name you'd expect would be associated with a short blast of a song like Riot, but it isn't. Still, the name doesn't much matter when the song is so incredible ). - EvilAngel

Tears don't fall part 2 is good
Awesome intro
Fantastic lyrics...
I think it deserves the top slot
Breaking point is also good
But what the hell NOT INVINCIBLE is doing on 13
It should be in top 5

Definitely one of the better moments on the album! For some reason I believe most of these songs are made to be played live; especially this one, since this album sounds like it has a more "live" sound to my ears.

This and tears don't fall pt 2 are the only good songs in this album, this one's better

3 Dead to the World

Tears Don't Fall part 2 has to be my very favourite on the album, but I'm voting for Dead To The World because it is in incredible song too and deserves to be right up there in the top few. All the songs on this album are good, but in my opinion the 5 best are Tears Don't Fall part 2, P.O. W, Dead To The World, Livin' Life (On The Edge Of A Knife) and Breaking Point. Dirty Little Secret is brilliant too but the drumming and structure sounds too similar to Your Betrayal. - EvilAngel

This song has really gotten me through some dark times, brilliant music, amazing vocals & lyrics, love it

This is the very best song from this album beside tears don't fall. - nikdalion2

Really powerful lyrics, I've played this over and over, I love it

4 Breaking Point

Best song off Temper Temper next to Tears Don't Fall Part 2. Sick opening track, great guitar riff and solo, wicked drums and sick screams from Matt. Overall a great song from Bullet For My Valentine m/

To me, this is the only song from Temper Temper that actually feels like a Bullet For My Valentine song (except for Tears Don't Fall Part 2).P.O.W. , Riot, and Dead To The World are all good, but this is the only song I feel has the power and finese that the previous 3 albums proved the band could master. The only song that really gripped me when I first heard it (besides the obvious Tears Don't Fall Part 2)

One of my favorites by these guys

Awesome song! Loved it

5 Dirty Little Secret

Best song on the whole album, could be even better if it relied less on another song (Your Betrayal)

6 Livin' Life (On the Edge of a Knife)

It's awesome and catchy

7 Truth Hurts

Come one this is the best of the album

8 Leech

Temper Temper is a really misunderstood album. I love it. Leech is definitely the most powerful and epic song! I listened to it almost 20 times right after the album came out. Fantastic! - DesL42

Awesome intro, verses, chors

Bad list.. Leech at 10 and riot at 11..?
For me: 1: Tears don't fall 2
2: P.O.W
3: Leech
4: Breaking point
5: Riot
6:Dead to the world


9 Temper Temper

My favorite Bullet For My Valentine song ever

10 Saints & Sinners

Best song on the son so far... Shows their true metal side... Love the solo... Amazing solo... Good vocals... Matt tuck & co have really ripped this one off

Great sing along chorus... In the bridge is awesome... LOCK, LOAD, FIRE AWAY!

Like the whole album besides the singles temper temper & riot. Bonus tracks are better

This song is awesome! It has a great sing along chorus too.

The Contenders

11 Riot

This song really sucks, the worst song of the album and the worst of all songs of Bullet For My Valentine, a shame

Come on dude, this is the best song in the whole album

12 Playing With Fire

Don't know why this is not on the original album its way better than Dirty Little Secret and Truth Hurts

13 Not Invincible

"I know it's from the deluxe edition but they went all out in this song and you can plainly tell this.


I think this is the best song in the album, Good riff, good volcals, awesome solos, what do you want more?

It must be a mistake when someone arranged this list? This song should be at number 1, I think and my ears think (Y) - andrelbe

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