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61 Run Down the Devil

The dirty diamonds is a great album and the songs are awesome to like this song, dirty diamonds, woman of mass distraction, perfect and your own worst enemy. But I think run down the devil is the best from the album. The guitar solo is a bit similar to vengeance is mine. Like the song or... GET ROADKILLED!

62 House of Fire

This song and its video literally taught me the definition of the word sexy when I was a thirteen year old girl, and still has the ability to make me slightly uncomfortable if I hear it in public. Cemented me as a lifelong fan of Alice Cooper. I love him now and always and this was the beginning.

The chorus is just the best! I wish this song was more popular! Very underrated!

Great chorus.. you can stop singing

Very underrated!

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63 Man of the Year
64 Vengeance Is Mine

This is from his album Along Came a Spider. This song features Slash and it's a killer song. Slash is a great guitarist!

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65 It's the Little Things

I can't believe this isn't on here! It's catchy and it flows extremely well! Not to mention it quotes two of his other songs in the chorus! Welcome to my nightmare, no more mr. Nice guy!

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66 The Saga of Jesse Jane

My mom and I really like this song. It makes us laugh every time we hear it. We often wonder how he came up with this song. Alice Cooper is SO GREAT!

Yes it has some very great and slightly humorous lyrics with a smooth beat and euphoric guitar, this song shows how versatile Alice is

Brilliant song should be much higher just very unknown one of his

67 Wicked Young Man
68 Stolen Prayer

Last temptation is the Most UNDErrated album by Alice cooper, this track one of his best ever, along with halo of flies and wicked young man, but lots of others that come close, altogether an under rated artist,

One of Alice's most epic songs, along with all the others on The Last Temptation. Way underrated album.

69 Generation Landslide

This song should at least be in top 20. Great song from Billion Dollar Babies album.

70 Cold Ethyl

Acc so good

71 Remarkably Insincere
72 Burning Our Bed
73 From the Inside

This is where you get started.

It's catchy and addicting

74 Time to Kill

Anything off Raise Your Fist and Yell would be satisfactory to be #1 on this list.

75 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
76 A Runaway Train
77 Shoe Salesman
78 Perfect
79 When Hell Comes Home
80 Living

Lissten to this and you'll see what ACG was really all about before they/he became famous. A truly kickass song that psychs me up even to this day...
Big V, Buffalo, NY

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