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81 Not That Kind of Love

Trust me everyone give this one an intent listen and you willsee.

82 Catch Me If You Can

The fourth song from Along Came A Spider. I Could listen to this song over and over again. Definitely one of his best!

83 What Do You Want from Me

An epic song, indeed. Alice is just as great now as he's always been. He's much older but he's still got it.

84 Sister Sara

One of the best tracks from dragontown. I love this song so much. I could heard it again and again and not get bored.

85 Some Folks

I LOVE this song to death. It's catchy always gets stuck in my head and an amazing song form the welcome to my nightmare album (it's one of my favourite albums and welcome to my nightmare is my most favourite song that by Alice).

This is the fourth song from Welcome to My Nightmare. It's a bit catchy and addicting.

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86 Black Juju
87 Snakebite
88 Sideshow
89 Caught In a Dream
90 Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills
91 Hurricane Years

Very underrated and fantastic Alice Cooper song.

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