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1 Just What I Needed

Everything about this song really WORKS. I don't know why it seems so much better than some of their other stuff, but the overall effect is fantastic. - Knucklewood

This is my favorite New Wave song. - Pony

2 Drive

Their finest of the finer songs. Greatest song from the band.

This song is so incredibly beautiful... Should be at least in the top 5.

3 You Might Think

You think think it's a good song your right

The only thing better than this song is the music video for it. Man, is it hilarious! - Knucklewood

4 Good Times Roll

Their first song. It's a good song

5 Let's Go

Always been my favorite...dangerous type, bye bye love and your all that I've got tonight are 3 others I like a lot as well. Outside of don't cha stop, every song off of their first album was played on the radio religiously! They should be in the hall of fame.

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6 Moving in Stereo

This such an amazing song. One of my favorites, along with Cruiser and This Could Be Love. The Cars is an amazing band and Ben Orr was such a great singer/guitarist. R.I.P.

7 Shake It Up
8 My Best Friend's Girl

I love the drum fill

This one's my favorite because I can relate to it. We've been there. I also love the guitar part

9 Magic

The effect of this song on you justifies the name of the song. Pure magic! It should be in the top 3 at least.

I love this song! How come that it's not in top ten?

Since song's really "got a hold on you"! - Knucklewood

10 You're All I've Got Tonight

Another great song by a great band. The Cars ROCK!

One of my favorites from them. Another true classic. - matty925

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11 Bye Bye Love
12 Since You're Gone
13 Don't Cha Stop
14 Dangerous Type

This is a great song. Pretty underrated. Sad that the cars do not get as much recognition as they should. I like most of the songs I have heard from the. - matty925

This definitely has some of the best drumming and guitar out of any of their songs - Knucklewood

15 Heartbeat City

I love it too! What's going on and it is so low in this list?!

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16 All Mixed Up
17 Tonight She Comes

So catchy, great song

18 Hello Again

One of my favorites, without a doubt. This song is addicting. I could listen to it over and over. An amazing song by an amazing band. I love The Cars!

Hello here's a good tune

I do not get the video hey but where's Alan Hunter original MTV Vj well Bonjour encore that's Hello Again in French.

19 Touch and Go
20 It's All I Can Do
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1. Drive
2. My Best Friend's Girl
3. Just What I Needed
1. Just What I Needed
2. You Might Think
3. Shake It Up
1. Shake It Up
2. Touch and Go
3. Just What I Needed

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