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1 Filth in the Beauty Filth in the Beauty

Genuine J-rock at its best. I'm telling you guys; Gazette will make history. Who knows, they might be in the rock and roll hall of fame someday. - aeromaxx777

Best j-rock song ever! GAZEROCK forever
They are so professional and oh-so-gorgeous.
love Ruki & Uruha

Love the music of this guys...

I find this song amazing it's in first my second song would then be shiver then third the invisible wall

2 Cassis Cassis

This song is fair-enough to be the best song of the gazette... Never get bored when I listen to em' the guitar solo also is the best of all GazettE songs.. Vote for Cassis yo'

This song is brilliant. The acoustic guitar at the start, the amazing melody on the piano, the meaningful lyrics and the superb singing all combine to make the best song by the gazette.

I feel like when you listen to it, even just the beginning makes your heart swell with joy, and it's just so beautiful and stunning.

This song is the best of the gazette ruki voice is amazing and so soft aoi and uruha guitar ar awesome the music and the video ar great all members look pretty and sexy
Its sad song but very very beautiful and words from the heart I never bored to listen this magique song

3 Pledge

the sadest break up song ever! Ruki's voice is just amazing here, and emotional, best BALLAD OF ALL TIME I think! kinda extreme I know! XD

The melody part is really tearing up my soul...

One of the best the GazettE songs ever and I never get bored listen to the guitar solo part. This guitar solo is the best guitar solo in any songs that I ever heard.

Probably this is the best song I've ever listened from Gazette, awesome sound, breaking lyrics, emotional atmosphere. It gives you chills every time you listen and feel it.

4 Shiver

This song is how I discovered this band in the first place. The Gazette is the best J-rock band out there, honestly. I discovered this song while I was watching Black Butler, and it got stuck in my head. I began to listen to it repeatedly, then I found out who the brilliant band behind this song was. I'm now a really big fan of the Gazette, thanks to this amazing song. Their other songs are great too! I love how much emotion they mix into their hard core rock.

Shiver was one of the first songs Of Gazette that I listened to. I really love it because it's so BADASS! I love Ruki so much!

I love this song! I love Ruki

One of the best songs ever! Black butler rocks too...

5 The Invisible Wall

I still remember how I fell in love with the GazettE. By listening to this song. The Invisible Wall was the first song that I ever heard of them. It was the first impression I had of them. It made me want too listen more of the awesome songs that they made. And with that I became a PROUD SIXTH GUN. Thanks to this song I love the GazettE and I will always love them.


The GazettE made me fall in love with their music and this is the song that did it

Why it's so underrated? It's a great song... Great guitar, great battery melody, great lyrics. Just listen to it...

One of the best songs released by them. Shame it's not even on this list.

6 Red

THE BEST. Wait what WHY IS MAYAKASHI NOT ON THIS LIST? Its surely a notch better than red, I feel its good enough to land a spot just below cassis. Anyway, the Gazette= GOD

This is srsly amazing... I mean listen to that guitar!

Is the best music of the gazett

Absolutely love it. 'O'

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7 Guren

A very Unique creation. A once in a lifetime composition.
The deep meaning in the Music Vide makes it Legendary.
I don't think many people realise it, but the GazettE is a Legendary band!

It's my favorite song! I really love Guren

It has such a big meaning to it. In my opinion, this song is the best.

Should be on the TOP 3

The song that made me love the GazettE

8 Chizuru

The PV is really emotional and the lyrics are really touching. It is a very forceful song. It really conveys a sense of loss when you watch the hand motions Ruki makes while singing.

Simply one of the most beautiful and emotional song ever by the GazettE and quite possibly in the whole world. There are no words to express how.. deep and epic this piece of music is~

9 Suicide Circus

What the hell? This should be in the top 2 along with Red - dearut

I love it
it's my favourite song of the gazette and I hear it every day
it's a perfect combination of ruki's wonderful voice, j-rock and guitars

This is the top song I love in the TOXIC album 2011
I'm a gazerock fan from Malaysia!

This was the first song I heard by The Gazette <3 ^~^

10 Before I Decay

This is the most awesome song I've ever heard, ruki's vocal is so.. So.. So...
Awesome and the music is really heavy but the best part of this song is that it contains melodious part. I never get bored listening to this song and the video awesome everything is so awesome about this song gazette rock the world

One of the biggest hits of the gazette I love the song great combination keep it up guys and gazette rock the world

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11 Regret

I really like this song. This band was one of The first Visual Kei bands I listened to and it definitely got me into more. There's something about The gazette's voice that's just so great. definitely a great song.

I really really love this song, even though I don't understand any of the lyrics it's still one of my favorites! ~ You won't REGRET listening to it.



12 Kagefumi

In my opinion this song should be in top ten! I love this song so much, Ruki voice in this song is just beyond amazing! - nahyer

This to me gives off a break up vibe and the boyfriend (say Ruki) still wants to be friends as soon as they break up. Especially where he says "Can we still laugh again? " IT KILLS ME

This was one of the first songs of the Gazette that I listened to. It's so beautiful!

Ruki's voice is so amazing and wonderful!

13 Reila

One of my favourite songs I love guitar solos in it so emotional and always touches my soul. Wonderful vocal, guitars, bas and drums and fantastic lovely song I listen to this song forever. One of the most emotional songs of The Gazette.

One of my favorite songs, I suggest you listen to it!

The song gave me the feeling of heartbreak, Ruki cried when he sang this song. And I could not help but cry too. The message of the song was too deep that it almost felt like I was in the moment they were filming it.

The great thing about gazettE is that their music is inspiring, not that any other bands don't inspire me at all its just their music just affect me in a way that no other band ever did. And I think that's a good thing. Their music makes me feel so secure and happy. People will say its just noise and it makes no sense but I think they just don't feel the depth of the message of their music.

Gazette's songs are fantastic. You should listen to it.

{ Gazerock is not dead! }

This song is one of my favourites, I never bored this song, I love this song especially amazing and wonderful guitar solos.

14 Dripping Insanity

Amazing song. The guitar solo is simply perfect.

I love this song so much!
Really I love this song beautifully composed...
This song is so perfect!

15 Hyena

This song is just plain badass! This song literally got me into the GazettE and most j-rock and visual-kei music. The song really gets you going and it should be in anybody's top ten!

16 Derangement

Amazing song totally recommend it.

17 Burial Applicant

This song is really interesting. I felt like I was like the kid in the video. Mi felt like I was going crazy, laugh out loud.

A song that will hunt a cold mind forever...

The music is really good. You can recognise words in English parts of lyrics, which are really interesting and multi-dimentional. Plus the disturbing PV, I really loved it! - saaarsdej


18 Distress & Coma

This song gave me guys need to watch the video to understand its intensity.The song itself is amazing...its the story of a creature separated from the world who later realizes the existence of one of its kind outside the rejoices on seeing it but in the end it also realizes that the person who it was seeing was its own reflection produced by the window glass.

Distress and Coma is one of the best songs of The Gazette. Its genre is "Alternative Rock". You get to hear this kind of music very rarely. Enjoy it!

All of GazettE's songs are awesome!

This song gave me goosebumps and the music video was beautiful. The song is so amazing. GazettE is the best band ever!

I love this song. Really touch my heart.

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19 Vortex

This song is a perfect combination of hard rock and alternative rock. nice job! Go the gazette!

Great arrangement!
Gazerock is not dead!

20 Yoin

I really love the rhythm! I feel like drowning to deepsea..

Seriously...I don't know why but whenever iam in gloom.. this song soothe me...
Great work The GazettE

Great song by aoi.,. My favorite in division. dark+beautiful guitar solo is perfect!

21 Miseinen

To be honest, I like all of their songs. Really, there is no song that I dislike. But "Miseinen" will always be a special song for me. Because of the meaning, it always takes away the pain that I feel. And I really love to cover it. I hope that one day I will have the chance to hear it live (of course they haven't played it at the LIVE in Cologne (16.06.19) I went to. They would never play it at "unimportant" lives). ♡

Should be at top 5 at leat. The rhythm, the bass, the voice, the guitar solo and the drum beats are awesome.

My all time fvrt song... really amazing song...
"I don't want to forget to myself
I want to be as I am "
This is something that keep on healing my heart scars..
Thankyou so much The GazettE for everything..

22 Untitled

This made me cry the first time I heard it. So much emotion in one song.

This shoul be way higher up on the list. better than pledge or filth in the beauty.

23 Taion

I love this songs, its made for Junko Furuta, I heard.

I had goosebumps, like seriously. I felt so much emotion that I could not explain. I like the way his enrish sounded like.

I love this song. It's made for Furuta Junko. RIP Furuta Junko-san.


24 Nakigahara

This song has such a dark, enchanting and beautiful (for the lack of a better word) atmosphere that sucks you in and immerses you in it's world. I don't know how to give proper praise to this song, it's simply the most beautiful and emotional music I've ever heard. The sheer beauty.. and ruki's lyrics too.. This is why the GazettE is my favourite band, they have something in their music that no others have, and I will find myself coming back to their music no matter what other songs I listen to. My most played music are all by them, and I've listened to them more than 500 times at least as of now. Each.

Ruki just puts so much emotion into this song, and the koto provides an excellent transition between different parts of the song. You can really feel how appropriate the title of "Field of Crying" is.

This song is so beautiful, and the crying of Ruki in the live version only makes it a more heartbreaking song. This is one of favorite songs from them, along Bathroom. THe meaning behind Nakigahara also makes my heart shatter in a million pieces. I love it.

This song is just amazing! It is haunting and fits perfectly in DIM. The crying at the end just makes my jaw drop.

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25 Remember the Urge

Thank you The GazettE thank you for making the best MUSIC to us! World Savior!

This song should be played live more often in their tours.

Great song and beast guitar

As a drummer, I think this song is one of their best together with shiver and Ibitsu, Kago No Sanagi and Miseinen.

26 Leech

? Why is Leech so underrated? This is one of the best they've done, in my opinion... I love this song to death.

Amazingly picturized PV..just love it

27 Ugly

The music is amazing! So is Ruki's vocal! I just love this song!

28 Inside Beast

The feeling of insanity has never been this awesome.

29 Fadeless

I recommended this song to everyone who loves the GazettE.. this is their best new songs..

The first PV of the GazettE I ever saw.. I love them at first sight

Sadly, this awesome sing is not available in my country but I do have a nightcored version of this. Nonetheless, its pretty cool. I think that if ever Revlon would have to take a model, they should choose Ruki because damn those lips are so-- x"D

30 Calm Envy

Wonderful song especially guitar solos are fantastic. One of The Gazette's best songs, it's live performance also amazing.

I love this song, especially from minute 03:15. Listen to it and you'll know what I mean. The meaning of this song is also really deep..

Element of slow rock

And The solo... PERFECT

31 To Dazzling Darkness

I really love this songs and I got addicted with this songs. I can't stop listening this songs until now.

I love this one! It's like wow navy blue everywhere!

Ruki Sama voice is so amazing

32 Shiroki Yuutsu

Aoi guitar sound from heaven best song for me.

Perfect combination of musics! This song has everything, listen to it and you will know that this song is perfect! Lets go to top ten!

I love this one! Especially when Aoi played his acoustic guitar! It touched me!

Beautiful song. This song should be top 10

33 Dim Scene

Why is this not in the top 10?
DIM Scene is definitely one of the most beautiful songs by them! The violins and guitars work together so well. Ruki's lyrics are as always very deep, but this time I just can't describe the beauty and sadness.
This song is so amazing I can't describe it. Just listen to it!
The preview isn't doing the song justice, as it becomes faster later on. Listen to the whole song, don't trust the preview.

Simply one of the darkest yet uplifting songs I've ever heard...

Best song. Hands down.
Uruha really outdid himself with this number, and ruki's lyrics is sheer beauty on another level altogether..
Listne to this song and read the lyrics at the same time, I guarantee, you will not regret

34 Tokyo Shinjuu

This song sound so classic and I love it!

35 Baretta

The individual solos and then the guitar duo create a heart-warming sense of camaraderie, the lyrics are bittersweet and understandable, not too heavy, vulgar and conceptual like some of their other songs (which I also enjoy).

Every time I hear how he is singing,Wasurenai" I cry. every time! and guys its years now...

The best gazette song in my opinion

Underrated song :c

36 Gabriel On the Gallows

Really great new song with very cool lyrics. It stuck in my head for days... :D DIVISION is a cool album

This song is just absolutely fantastic, I know the GazettE did a great job in making this song work~ It really fits into the GazettE's works very well :D
The DIVISION album was just amazing and it even has some new modern twists in the album and it still sounds awesome

37 Crucify Sorrow

How could this not be in the top 10? Incredible song!

38 Last Heaven

Last heaven is such an amazing song with meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody. It is a new song but for me, this is the best song from the album, BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY. This song is perfect and very addictive!

Ruki sings this Song with a very Beautiful Voice and so good

Best song I ever heard from the gazette albums

This song is amazing

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39 Shiikureta Haru, Kawarenu Haru
40 Zetsu
41 Wakaremichi

Heard the latest live version which is about few years ago, it was so awesome performance and really touch deep inside heart

Rock in tears, one of the great combination

42 13 Stairs

This song is pure eargasm like you've never heard before~

43 Cockroach

It's an interesting and catchy song. At Olympics Opening Ceremony nobody will wait for deep and slow songs like 'Last heaven' or 'Reila'. Too much emotions won't be suitable for such event.

44 Mayakashi
45 Naraku

Another good song by Gazette with amazing vocals by Ruki and awesome guitar instrumentals.

I like this one the best out of all of them

46 Hana Kotoba

Oh come on... Please vote this song.. Try hear this song and you will not regret.. Let put this song to the top 10! Don't you people have ear! Vote! Just click vote! Vote!

47 Kago No Sanagi

Best song in the world. The guitars made a dark atmosphere that is just amazing.

Why its in 55?

48 Deux

The chorus and outro are just perfect

49 Bath Room

Bathroom should be in the top 10. It's an absolutely beautiful song, and really underrated. It's one of my favorites.

50 Uncertain Sense

It is a great music with beautiful lyric and deep instrument

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