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41 Mayakashi
42 Naraku

Another good song by Gazette with amazing vocals by Ruki and awesome guitar instrumentals.

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43 Hana Kotoba

Oh come on... Please vote this song.. Try hear this song and you will not regret.. Let put this song to the top 10! Don't you people have ear! Vote! Just click vote! Vote!

44 13 Stairs V 1 Comment
45 Kago No Sanagi

Best song in the world. The guitars made a dark atmosphere that is just amazing.

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46 Bath Room

Bathroom should be in the top 10. It's an absolutely beautiful song, and really underrated. It's one of my favorites.

47 Uncertain Sense

It is a great music with beautiful lyric and deep instrument

48 Zetsu
49 Ibitsu
50 Without a Trace

This is a song you really must listen to. It has so much fleeting emotion and Ruki's voice is simply amazing. The song is about a fan who committed suicide and how Ruki feels as if he has failed to save him/her. GazettE is honestly the only band I can relate to. Nowadays, I find it hard to relate to music or songs and anything even books. But with GazettE is just gives me such a 'treat'. Its like you'd want to always listen to them. I feel bad for knowing them a little too late. And you know that its your fave bad when you feel bad for not being able to go to their lives, concerts and buying all of their albums.

51 Deux

The chorus and outro are just perfect

52 Hesitating Means Death
53 Agony
54 Sugar Pain

Amazing song! LOVE! Aoi's guitar part and Ruki's voice! And everything about it! Just an awesome song!

As sexual this sounded like to me, I still think its worth listening to.
I think its about incest between mother and child.

55 Vermin
56 Saraba
57 Psychedelic Heroine
58 Ruthless Deed
59 Defective Tragedy
60 Shichigatsu Hachika

Why is this not in the top 10s?
This song is just so beautiful and great. To be frank, I personally find it to better than filth in the beauty. Try it out and you'll love it

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