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61 Behney Do - Indian Ocean
62 Socha Hai - Rock On V 1 Comment
63 Khumar - Sawaal
64 Zinda - Evol
65 Tum - Antariksh
66 Rock On - Rock On

I don't know why the list contains one rock on song that is too below, all the rock on songs are much better than these songs

WHAT AN ENEGRGY THS SONG PRODUCE, very simple but awesome lyrics and music is ultimate,

67 Maine Socha Tha - Aagman

It should be at least in top 5, man U should just listen to it, all of ther songs are fab, but this song is so soul divine.

We guys promote bands of other countries and don't even listen to our own country band - aagman band is far more better band than euphoria and Indian ocean, at least you enjoy the song

V 1 Comment
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