Best Songs from Carrie Underwood's Blown Away

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1 Blown Away

It literally blew me away.

I'm going on american idol soon and I'm going to sing blown away for the audtions I love the song from Mikayla Caneff be watching in a few years!

2 Good Girl

Very upbeat and catchy. You will just want to get up and start dancing! 😊

3 Two Black Cadillacs
4 See You Again

Love this song it reminds me so much of my uncle who used to be in the armey :) I cry every time I watch the music video one of the saddest music videos I've ever seen! - lloyd.tracy.7

5 Cupid's Got a Shotgun
6 Wine After Whiskey
7 Good in Goodbye

I love the song's meaning

8 Forever Changed
9 Who are You

This is a wonderful song and Carrie's vocals are outstanding on this track.

This can be a love song and a song to and/or about God! It's truly an amazing piece! I can sing this song really well.

Faith Squire(I also wrote the long comment on Wheel of the World from Carnival Ride) is my name in case Carrie Underwood looks at the comments on her songs on this site. I wanna be a country singer... that's why I put that last part.. LOL

10 Nobody Ever Told You

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11 Leave Love Alone
12 One Way Ticket
13 Do You Think About Me
14 Thank God for Hometowns
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