Best Songs from Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride


The Top Ten

1 Just a Dream

So sad and dramatic, especially with the music video!

! I love this song! So sad, too. :'(

The best song ever


2 So Small

So inspirational and the video is amazing for it

3 All-American Girl
4 Last Name
5 Wheel of the World

This song should be #1, not #6! It's such a pretty song that you don't really hear a lot... unless you have the CD or iTunes. I wish they would play it more on the radio though. I want to be a country singer and want to start with this song.

6 I Told You So
7 I Know You Won't

I love Carrie Underwood and her songs All American Girl, So Small, Get Out Of This Town, You Won't Find This and others
But I Gotta Give this some the Credit it never Gets
This song I Know You Won't Is one Of Carrie Hidden Wonders Her Voice in this Songs is Amazing Her Long Vocal Runs in this Song Makes Chills Got Down your Spine it So Amazing!
It is Very Sad this Song Is Some Unappreciated!

This song In my Mind Is One of Her Best Songs Vocally! - Curti2594

8 Flat on the Floor
9 You Won't Find This

This is my most FAVORITE Carrie Underwood song ever!

10 Twisted

The Contenders

11 The More Boys I Meet

Lyrics are cheesy at best. "Crazy Dreams" and the rest of the album are better than this song. Fitting it's second-to-last. - TidalJ

12 Get Out of This Town
13 Crazy Dreams

I love this Carrie Underwood song because it shows that crazy dreams do come true a!

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